Social Value Delivered by SOMPO

Protect people from future risks facing the society

Protect people from future risks and realize safer and more secure lifestyles

In addition to climate change and natural disasters, new risks are emerging related to infectious diseases, cybercrimes, and the like that we may face in our daily lives and business operations. We aim to protect people from these risks and help create a society where all individuals can live more safely and securely.

We deploy digital technology to develop products to address new risks in the “new normal” society and thus provide coverage and services that previously were impossible to offer.

We provide a wide range of continuous coverage services (including coverage for catastrophic risks and agricultural insurance) against intensifying natural disasters so society can continue to coexist with risks.

Reduce risks, in addition to addressing contingencies

By detecting and preventing risks (such as disaster prevention/mitigation, pre-disease, and disease prevention) that anyone may face when living in a society or running a business, we aim to protect people from these risks and create a society in which damage is minimized.

We developed an AI-based “disaster damage prediction” model.

We use real health-related data to provide prediction, prevention, and early detection services.

Create a future society for healthy and happy lives

Enable every senior (support recipient) to remain independent and enjoy healthy lives with full of smiles.

Reduce the burden on the support-providing generation to create a society where people can pursue their dreams.

Provide new models/solutions designed to improve productivity and efficiency and thus help stabilize social security financing.

By providing nursing care and healthcare services that make full use of digital and real data, as well as by developing new mobility services, we aim to create a society where both support providers and support recipients can enjoy healthy and happy lives in their own way.

We provide high-quality disease, nursing care, and dementia prevention services.

We support the health of all generations, including through fitness, diet, and life design assistance.

By improving conditions for nursing care workers, we lead the industry in overcoming the shortage of human resources.

We have developed a future model for nursing care facilities to make all residents and users happier.

Foster the ability to change the future society with diverse talents and connections

Form an ecosystem to change the future society with a real data platform as its pivot

Amid increasing uncertainty, we will analyze historical information and all kinds of facts and real data to understand future risks and deliver innovation.

We provide “visible” and “predictable” services to support the nursing care industry by digitalizing detailed daily information on approximately 100,000 people, including care facility workers, residents, and users.

Transform future society by leveraging our diverse talent developed from our diversified business portfolio

We leverage diverse talent across diverse businesses to deliver a variety of innovations.

We leverage diverse talent in terms of gender, nationality, age, and career to create new solutions and ecosystems that help address social challenges.