Initiatives of each business under the previous Mid-Term Management Plan

Under the previous Mid-Term Management Plan, which was started in fiscal 2016, the company achieved steady growth based on the efforts that had been made by each business, accelerated new investments in growth areas and digital strategy for the future, and made steady progress in qualitative evolution toward the realization of “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing.” The Domestic P&C Insurance Business worked on structural reform of the business foundation to strengthen the profitability of existing business as well as the development of new businesses. The Overseas Insurance and Reinsurance Business made progress toward the establishment of a global platform through reorganizing subsidiaries and expanding business scale through disciplined M&A, such as the acquisition of Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd (now Sompo International Holdings Ltd.).
The Domestic Life Insurance Business developed and sold new products and services to transform into a health support enterprise centered around Insurhealth®. The Nursing Care & Healthcare Business implemented measures to improve the service quality and productivity of existing nursing facilities, as well as worked on human resource development Initiatives in the digital field were stepped up, with proactive formation of partnerships with a variety of players and appointing external talent.


Evolving business model
  • Strengthening superiority of each business
  • Introduction of Business Owner system, Group CxO system
  • Became a Company with Committees structure
  • Execution of large-scale M&A
  • Development of digital business structure
  • Investment in Palantir

Future challenges

  • Acquiring resilience
  • Long-term approach to addressing social challenges
  • Realizing attractive shareholder returns

Domestic P&C Insurance Business

Improving business efficiency
  • Improving quality, productivity, and specialization
  • Optimization of rates and strengthening of reinsurance
  • Structural reform of sales network
  • Leveraging digital technologies
  • Reduction of strategic shareholdings
  • Earning structure reform

Future challenges

  • Strengthening resilience to natural disasters
  • Further improvement of profitability

Domestic Life Insurance Business

Boosting value in force
Strengthening customer contact
  • Strengthening customer contact through the launch of Linkx
  • Insurhealth®*3 product development and sales launch
  • Increase in in-force policies with a focus on protection type products

Future challenges

  • Strengthening sales network, differentiation strategy
  • Adapting to a low interest environment

Overseas Insurance and Reinsurance Business

Accelerating growth through
organic growth and M&A
  • Acquisition of Endurance
  • Global platform strategy
  • Accelerating growth through organic growth and bolt-on M&A
  • Growing into one of the world’s largest agricultural insurance providers

Future challenges

  • Improving stability of performance
  • Boosting profitability

Nursing Care & Healthcare Business

Ensuring stable profits by
boosting quality and productivity
  • Early-stage profitability for the nursing business
  • Development of dementia services
  • Improving occupancy rate
  • Improving quality and productivity
  • Securing talent by enhancing benefits
  • Development of internal management system
  • Merger of subsidiaries in the nursing business

Future challenges

  • Closing the supply-demand gap in the industry
  • External offering of expertise

*1: After the announcement of the previous Mid-Term Management Plan (May 26, 2016) to the end of March 2021; source: Bloomberg
*2: Sompo Japan (excl. CALI, household earthquake) E/I combined ratio (=E/I loss ratio + net expense ratio)
*3: Insurhealth®: a new, unprecedented value that combines preparing for “just in case” scenarios (insurance) with functions that support everyday life (healthcare)