Management Strategy & Plan

Management Strategy

The Mid-Term Management Plan toward realizing a “theme Park for the Security, Health, and Wellbeing.”

The central focus of our current Mid-Term Management Plan, which commenced in fiscal 2016, is to transform into a group capable of sustaining growth into the future with an eye on the domestic market after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games amid rapid changes in the external environment. Our vision is to evolve into a “theme Park for the Security, Health, and Wellbeing.” More specifically, we aim to thoroughly enhance the appeal of each business while leveraging digital technologies, seeking out new business opportunities, and effecting changes through collaboration between Group businesses and by building ecosystems with external partners. Our ultimate aim is to create new business models that are a clean break from the past.

Group Vision

As a holding company, Sompo Holdings will support the transformation of each business while guiding on digital and human resource strategies for the entire Group in the pursuit of realizing a “theme Park for the Security, Health, and Wellbeing.” Moreover, Sompo is working to reform its business portfolio as a part of the transformation of the entire Group. Cash flows generated from steady growth in each business and excess capital freed up from the winding down of cross-shareholdings will be allocated to M&As in growth fields and investments in fields likely to show innovation, such as digital and cutting-edge technologies. As a result, Sompo aims to expand profits and improve capital efficiency further.
Through growth in both innovativeness (quality) and scale (quantity), Sompo intends to achieve as quickly as possible its numerical management targets for adjusted consolidated profit of over ¥300.0 billion and adjusted consolidated ROE of over 10.0%. Management will continue to execute Group strategies with the aim of becoming a unique and innovative group, unlike any other in the world, in promoting the security, health, and wellbeing of its customers.

Transformation into “theme Park for the Security, Health, and Wellbeing.” in each business

Sompo Holdings has been steadily transforming the entire Group and each business toward its vision of becoming “theme Park for the Security, Health, and Wellbeing.” During the current Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2016–2020), the Company accelerated the development of new businesses as well as products and services that go beyond the framework of existing businesses.
During the final year of the Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2020), the Company will continue to transform its business portfolio and diversify its business domains and sources of revenue.

Domestic P&C insurance business
Stabilizing profit growth by raising efficiency, creating new sources of revenue

  • Making up-front investments in AI, RPA, and IT systems, increasing efficiency by optimizing sales networks
  • Optimizing product pricing strategy, reforming earnings structure by cutting business costs
  • Utilizing partnerships and digital technology to create points of contact with new customers, creating new sources of revenue

Overseas insurance business
Driving profit growth for the Group

  • Accelerating organic growth in global platforms for corporate and retail fields
  • Expanding business base via bolt-on M&A that complements existing operations
  • Continuing disciplined underwriting with focus on risks and returns

Domestic life insurance business
Steadily expanding profits by transforming into health support enterprise

  • Expanding profits by gradually increasing number of policies in force
  • Developing Insurhealth® as insurance combined with services to help customers maintain and improve their health
  • Rapidly improving productivity with AI and RPA

Nursing care & healthcare business
Improving productivity while solving social issues

  • Improving profitability by using cutting-edge technologies
  • Creating new sources of revenue in dementia-related services and senior citizen market

Management Plan

【Plan for the Group】
  • In the future, we aim to execute the Medium-Term Management Plan to attain a business scale (adjusted consolidated profit of 300.0 billion yen or more) and capital efficiency (adjusted consolidated ROE of 10.0% or more) on par with the top 10 global publicly listed insurance companies.
  • In FY2019, although earnings were affected by multiple catastrophes in Japan, adjusted consolidated profit increased to 150.8 billion yen and ROE rose to 6.4% owing to solid business execution. Excluding the effects of domestic natural disasters, the revenue base of every business has grown steadily.
  • We aim to achieve FY2020 targets with normalized loss from domestic natural disasters and profit growth, while incorporating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to a certain extent.
  • In November 2020, the Group revised earnings forecasts for FY2020 to “adjusted consolidated profit of 200.0 billion yen and adjusted consolidated ROE of 8.5%”.

  • For details regarding ROE,please refer to the link below.