Going beyond insurance to develop
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To enable even more customers to live with security, health, and wellbeing, we are developing a wide range of businesses that go beyond insurance products.

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Sompo Asset Management: Promotion of ESG Investments

Since 1993, Sompo Asset Management has launched initiatives that incorporate ESG elements into investment value analysis, and has actively developed asset management products that place further emphasis on an ESG perspective. Among these, the “Buna no Mori” fund, which was launched in 1999, is one of the company’s leading funds, and has paved the way for ESG investment within Japan. Going forward, Sompo Asset Management will work on promoting ESG investments by steadily advancing such initiatives.

[FRESHHOUSE] Nurse care restyling to live comfortably in your own house

We offer high-quality nurse care restyling based on the outcomes of industry-university joint research* that benefits both the person being cared for and the carer. The prevention of injuries and increased living independence aid the relaxation of the family.

  • Joint research into the improvements of nurse care restyling in your own house by the “Institute of Gerontology, the University of Tokyo (IOG)”, “Sompo Care”, and “FRESHHOUSE”.

New hay fever self-care based on intestinal flora
Joint development of intestinal flora test “Mykinso Hana”

Sompo Health Support has developed “Mykinso Hana,” a new intestinal flora test and self-care program that encourages behavioral change by providing advice on improving lifestyle and dietary habits tailored to each of five types of intestinal environments classified based on their similarity.
The product is based on joint research on the relationship between intestinal flora and hay fever with Cykinso, Inc., a company with a proven track record in intestinal flora testing.
Intestinal flora tests were carried out on 282 Sompo Group employees to see if conditions such as allergies that affect “presenteeism” (employees reporting to work despite being ill and working while physically unwell) could be alleviated by improving the intestinal environment. By scoring the severity of hay fever symptoms and conducting questionnaires on lifestyle habits, the study revealed lifestyle patterns that contribute to hay fever symptoms.
“Mykinso Hana” is available to medical insurers, businesses, organizations, and their members. It is used by companies to promote health and productivity management that encourages awareness of conditions affecting presenteeism, by various organizations to improve services for their members, and by medical insurers to reduce medical costs.

Group companies

Sompo Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Placing the utmost emphasis on contributing to the wealth-building of customers and striving to provide unique and high-quality asset management services.


We will strive to fulfill our customers' wishes, provide a comfortable living environment, and contribute to building a prosperous local community through remodeling and renovation.

Sompo Health Support Inc.


We use the latest technologies to provide companies, medical insurers, and other customers with comprehensive health-care services, which cover individualized analysis of mental and physical health through to prevention and recurrence prevention.

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