Strategic Businesses

We are going beyond insurance to develop a wide range of businesses that support customer security, health, and wellbeing. These efforts include assisting customers with asset formation through the asset management and advancing into home remodeling, healthcare business fields.


Business Domain

To enable even more customers to live with security, health, and wellbeing, we are developing a wide range of businesses that go beyond insurance products. In recent years, we have advanced into the home remodeling and healthcare business.


Sompo Asset Management: Promotion of ESG Investments

Since 1993, Sompo Asset Management has launched initiatives that incorporate ESG elements into investment value analysis, and has actively developed asset management products that place further emphasis on an ESG perspective. Among these, the “Buna no Mori” fund, which celebrated the 20th year of operation in 2019, is one of the company’s leading funds, and has paved the way for ESG investment within Japan. Going forward, Sompo Asset Management will work on promoting ESG investments by steadily advancing such initiatives.

FRESHHOUSE: Assisting Adaptation to New Lifestyles

In June 2020, FRESHHOUSE launched the Stay Reform remodeling plan to support new lifestyles that have emerged in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Stay Reform’s convenient assistance for adaptation to such lifestyles includes the remodeling of work-from-home spaces, the incorporation of touchless products, and the installation of delivery lockers for receiving packages without interfacing with others.

Sompo Health Support: Marketing the QUPiO With App

December 2019 saw the launch of Sompo Health Support’s QUPiO With, the industry’s first lifestyle improvement app to incorporate communication AI. The app closely monitors customers and, through conversation, draws their attention to findings. In this way, QUPiO With encourages customers’ continued, almost unconscious, use of the app, thereby helping inculcate healthy behavior.

Wellness Communications: Offering an Extensive Lineup of Health-Related Services

The company is developing collaborations in the healthcare field with various Group companies. In particular, the company is collaborating with Sompo Health Support to realize seamless provision of a wide range of services related to health and disease prevention. These services include arranging checkups, encouraging people to have checkups, digitalizing checkup results, issuing health guidance, and identifying health issues based on analyses of checkup results and taking appropriate countermeasures.

Group companies


Placing the utmost emphasis on contributing to the wealth-building of customers and striving to provide unique and high-quality asset management services.


From simple repair work to renovation, a company that helps to eliminate inconvenience and create safe, secure homes.



We use the latest technologies to provide companies, medical insurers, and other customers with comprehensive health-care services, which cover individualized analysis of mental and physical health through to prevention and recurrence prevention.

Wellness Communications Corporation

wellness communications

We provide health check support and health management cloud services to corporate clients and health insurance associations to support healthy life of employees and families.