Domestic Life Insurance

We strive to become
a "health support enterprise,"
and we are offering new value
with Insurhealth®, which combines
the original functions of
insurance and healthcare.

As a life insurance company that assists customers during unlikely events, we aim to be a health support enterprise that exists to help customers prepare for the worst and lead healthy lives every day, being there for customers every day to benefit their health. With people living to be 100 years old these days, we will support our customers in leading abundant lifestyles and realizing their dreams, while working to help build a rich and sustainable society.


Product Composition

We provide a wide range of insurance products that cover customer risks in response to changes in the social structure surrounding the customer and in their lifestyle.

Growth Potential

We are realizing growth in keeping with efficiency and profits through product strategies that focus on high-margin protectiontype products, such as medical insurance and income compensation insurance, and sales strategies that make maximum use of our network of P&C insurance agencies.


Release of Health Support Variable Insurance Shorai no Omamori

As the tenth product in the Insurhealth® line, on May 8, 2023, the Company released a new product, “Variable Insurance (V1) (Disability and Nursing Care Protection)” (nickname “Health Support Variable Insurance Shorai no Omamori”). In addition to death protection in the event it is needed, the product also provides comprehensive protection for being unable to work, including disability and nursing care, which are a growing risk in terms of asset formation for the working generation. Additionally, the product also includes industry firsts*, such as a “health reserve” scheme that enables customers to leverage their good health to enhance their asset formation, and a secondary insurance period in which customers can continue to have their assets managed in a special account after the insurance pay-in period is complete.

  • According to research by Sompo as of February 20, 2023

Release of Health Support Cancer Insurance Yuki no Omamori

As the ninth product in the Insurhealth® line, on October 2, 2021, the Company released “Cancer Treatment with Co-payment Included (Type I) (C2)” (also called “Whole Life Cancer Insurance”) and “Cancer Diagnosis with Co-payment Included (C3)” (also called “Whole Life Cancer Insurance”) (nicknames for the Health Support Cancer Insurance Yuki no Omamori) as new products. These products provide not only coverage when cancer develops but also total support from before cancer development to post-treatment care. As a service for early detection, the Company has introduced a cancer risk test that can be performed at home, provided by SalivaTech Co., Ltd. The Company provides coverage that is economical, in light of the costly treatment system, and matched to the latest cancer treatments, thereby realizing a new form of cancer insurance and introducing the industry’s first* system in which insurance premiums are not incurred for the first three months from the start of the contract.

  • According to research by Sompo as of September 6, 2021

Launch of Linkx Kenko Try App to Help Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

In July 2020, Sompo Himawari Life launched its Kenko Try Linkx app to support improvements in lifestyle diseases for people who are unsure of how to prevent lifestyle diseases and who are struggling to take the first step.
Linkx Kenko Try is able to predict anomalies six years into the future by simply photographing medical checkup results, Moreover, by adding responses to a few simple diagnostic questions, it is able to estimate the risk of cancer occurring within five years for people with similar conditions. It is also able to propose health activities (action) to suit the user’s daily mood and physical condition. By engaging in health activities based on action cards, users can develop lifestyle habits that increase disease resilience.
This app is available to all for free, whether or not they are Sompo Himawari Life policyholders.

Release of Health Insurance (MI-01) to Support Initiatives to Help Prevent Lifestyle Diseases From Becoming More Serious

As the seventh product in the Insurhealth® line, on June 2, 2020, the Company released Health Insurance (MI-01) (whole life type; nickname for the Health Support Medical Insurance Kenko no Omamori) as a new health insurance product.
Traditional health insurance has mainly served to help people with medical bills after they are hospitalized or have surgery.
In addition to this traditional benefit, the new health insurance product Health Support Medical Insurance Kenko no Omamori provides health services for customers to prevent diseases from becoming more serious, by guiding them to lifestyle disease support services (providing them with the necessary services for their known conditions) when customers file a claim for health recovery assistance benefits.

Releasing Suwantoku Cancer Insurance, the industry’s first cancer insurance for non-smokers only

We released “Whole Life Cancer Insurance (C1)” (also called “Suwantoku Cancer Insurance”) on March 22, 2021.
Through this insurance, which is the industry’s first cancer insurance only for non-smokers that is exclusively available online, non-smokers, who are at low risk for disease, will support each other. This will allow us to provide secure protection with moderately priced premiums.
We will provide new value that offers total support from prevention to early detection and treatment up to post-diagnosis care in such ways as introducing a cancer risk test that can be performed at home, provided by SalivaTech Co., Ltd.

Launch of lifestyle improvement support service Linkx Blood Glucose Coaching

Linkx Blood Glucose Coaching is a service that helps users to understand the changes in their blood glucose levels in daily life, which cannot be determined through health checkups, and establishes the causes and improvement methods. The service can provide a visual representation of the user’s glucose level*1 in real time, using a device that can monitor the level constantly.
Additionally, if the glucose level exceeds a target range, the service notifies the user via a dedicated app*2 with messages linked to the measured level. Together, this visualization of blood glucose fluctuation and messages help to raise users’ awareness of the relationship between their lifestyle habits and these fluctuations,” encouraging them to make active lifestyle improvements.

  1. Glucose levels are highly correlated with blood glucose levels, and glucose level trend is considered a reliable indicator of blood glucose trend.
  2. The service uses the smartphone app “Health2Sync” provided by Health2Sync.

[Industry first] Launch of women’s life design support service Linx Life is

Sompo Himawari Life launched an industry first* paid healthcare service in the Femtech domain in September 2022.
Health issues such as periods, future pregnancy and menopause are closely linked to hormonal changes and work performance and life design. Understanding the impact hormones have on women’s lives, and suggesting personalized improvement measures, can help resolve discomfort and concerns.
Unravelling the health and career concerns of women working in companies supports the ideal life design of individual women and promotes the creation of working environments that are comfortable for women.

  • According to research by Sompo as of August 24, 2022

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