Domestic P&C Insurance

Providing high-quality P&C
insurance products and services
that respond to diversifying risks.

The domestic P&C insurance business meets a variety of customer needs through three companies. Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. is the Group’s core business and sells insurance through agencies. SAISON AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, is responsible for direct sales. Further, Sompo Japan DC Securities Inc. provides defined contribution pension fund management services. Sompo Risk Management Inc. provides business continuity management and planning (BCM / BCP), enterprise risk management (ERM) and cybersecurity measures.


Market Share (Sompo Japan)

Market Share in Domestic P&C Insurance

Sompo Japan, our core business company, has a large share in the Japanese P&C insurance market.

Source: Insurance, Hoken Kenkyujo (Insurance Research Institute)
Based on total domestic net premiums written of direct insurers, which have corporate status or branches in Japan, excluding reinsurance companies

Customer Base(Sompo Japan)

We aim to offer a wider range of services that provide even more customers with security, health, and wellbeing.

Sales Network(Sompo Japan)

We are building a wide range of sales networks including specialized professional agencies, companies, and dealers to become a familiar and trusted presence for customers.

  • Gross premium on a performance evaluation basis, excluding saving-type insurance.


Development of AI automated decision-making system for insurance claim payments

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Sompo Risk Management Inc. are working with AI solutions developer and provider Automagi Inc. to develop an AI system for deciding the eligibility of insurance claims.
An insurance premium payment supervisor is currently required to make a decision on the eligibility of insurance claims. In the future, the introduction of this system will enable customers to seamlessly conduct procedures; from the reporting of accidents to insurance claim submissions. This will enable claim procedures to be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Product development under the brand slogan “Innovation for Wellbeing”

To date, Sompo Japan has fulfilled its social responsibilities through the essential function of insurance such as covering economic loss on the occurrence of an accident. Looking ahead, Sompo Japan believes its social role is to proactively contribute to resolving various issues of customers and society, and to this end will accelerate product development based under the brand slogan “Innovation for Wellbeing.”
<Sompo Japan’s brand slogan>
In May 2021, Sompo Japan raised its vision to “Deliver a certain tomorrow full of happiness and vitality to all people, communities, and society” in its Mid-term Management Plan started in FY2021, and adopted the brand slogan “Innovation for Wellbeing.”

Relaunch of connected dashboard camera “Driving!” – Promotion fronted by Issei Takahashi.

We relaunched “Driving!”*1 in September 2021 to offer a new experience to customers by providing security and safety, and eliminating inconvenience when they are involved in a traffic accident.
In an accident, their recorder itself has a direct connection to our operators, offering further security and safety for customers.
In the TV commercial fronted by Issei Takahashi, our passion for the new dashcam functions and the value of Connected Dashcams*2 are delivered.

  1. “Driving!” is the name of the service included in automobile insurance treaty for notifications by the dashcam in the event of an accident, etc.
  2. “Connected Dashcam” is the communication-type dashboard camera offered by Sompo Japan.

Launch of space industry project

In January 2022, Sompo Japan entered into a business and capital alliance with Synspective Inc., a satellite developer, operator and solutions service provider utilizing satellite data, to support the development of space technology to solve various social issues and to improve services utilizing space technology.
As part of the collaboration, Sompo Japan is working with Synspective on a proof of concept project for quickly figuring out the expected damage area in the event of a wide-area flood disaster, with the aim of improving its insurance claim payment services and also create new solutions that utilize satellite data. The companies are also working and discussing the further utilization of satellite data in other natural disasters, and will work toward creating new social value by building solutions.

Towards the realization of “human capital growth” – fundamental review of human resources development structure

Sompo Japan conducted a fundamental review of its human resources development structure from July 2022 to fulfill its mission of continuing to provide beneficial products and services to customers.
We will increase mutual trust and improve engagement between employees and society based on our MY Purpose initiative.
We will also record the learnings of employees accumulated at Sompo Japan’s internal online-based Sompo Japan University, and use this to develop human resources.

Launch of new products for small- and medium-sized companies – new cover for Business Master Plus (comprehensive business activity insurance)

Sompo Japan launched three new industry-first products “Anshin - Torihiki Master (Special coverage for accounts receivable),” “Special coverage for Childcare, Medical and/or Family-care Leave” and “Special coverage for assets-sharing” from October 2022 in the new cover for Business Master Plus (comprehensive business activity insurance) for small- and medium-sized companies.
“Anshin - Torihiki Master (Special coverage for accounts receivable)” covers insolvency and late payment risk by simply declaring sales and industry.
“Special coverage for Childcare, Medical and/or Family-care Leave” covers costs borne by companies if an executive or employee takes a temporary leave of absence from work for childcare or nursing, etc.
“Special coverage for assets-sharing” cover costs for dealing with trouble when leasing land and buildings through a sharing service.
Through these three products, Sompo Japan will support small- and medium-sized companies through productivity improvement, childcare and nursing leave rate improvement, and valid asset utilization.

Establishment of [Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance] Service Site SA・PO・PO

SA・PO・PO is a free service site established to provide a safe, convenient, and inexpensive service to customers daily. SA・PO・PO provides a “car life service” that aids various automobile-related settings such as refueling, parking, vehicle inspection and purchase, and “disaster prevention service” for help in everyday preparedness, on the occurrence of a disaster and post disaster. Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance will continue to expand features to support the security and safety of customers.

Group Companies

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

The core company of the Group and the P&C company with large number of premiums written in Japan.


An insurance company responsible for direct marketing of the Group’s P&C insurance business.

Sompo Japan DC Securities Inc.

A company specializing in defined-contribution pension plans (DC), providing a variety of services relating to DC, from plan introduction to management.

Sompo Japan Partners Inc.

As one of Japan’s largest insurance agencies, we provide comprehensive services for the security, health and wellbeing, mainly in P&C and life insurance.

Sompo Risk Management Inc.

A company provides services such as business continuity management and planning (BCM / BCP), enterprise risk management (ERM) and cyber security.

Mysurance Inc.

As the Sompo Group's small-amount, short-term insurance company, we create new experiences and value in insurance by utilizing digital technology.

Prime Assistance Inc.

An innovative assistance company that provides the highest quality service in helping customers to resolve various inconveniences in their surrounding environment.

Sompo Warranty Inc.

We are extended warranty company that provides safe,secure and the best solutions for our customers.

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