SOMPO’s Strength

1. Trust and responsibility with 130 years of history

Founding aspiration:To protect customers at all costs

(1) As Japan’s first fire insurance company with a mission to “protect people from the threat of fire”

In 1888, Tokyo Fire Insurance Company, Inc., one of the Group’s forerunners, was born as Japan’s first fire insurance company with a mission to “protect people from the threat of fire.” With a spirit of service and dedication to protect our customers from fire 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we formed the “Tokyo Fire Brigade.” It was the only private and reliable fire brigade officially authorized by the Metropolitan Police Department and was highly relied upon. As an insurance company, we have a strong sense of mission “to protect our customers at all costs,” which has been passed down throughout our 130-year history and is linked to our current Management Philosophy.

(2) Promoting the diffusion of accident insurance to save the lives of people suffering from injuries and bring them more happiness

Nissan Fire & Marine, one of the Group’s forerunners, was born as Nippon Accident which was established in 1911 as Japan’s first personal accident insurance company. At that time, Japan’s social security system did not exist, so people injured at work or elsewhere could not work and faced difficulties in day-to-day living, which was a major social issue. In the face of such hardships, the desire to respect humanity and “save and bring happiness to those unable to work due to injury” moved people and society and contributed to the birth of Japan’s first accident insurance company and the subsequent spread of accident insurance.

(3) Initiative of creating a resilient society through insurance

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Sompo Group positioned “payment of insurance benefits as quickly as possible” to affected customers as its top management priority. With the Group’s collective efforts, we swiftly established a local disaster response headquarters and dispatched more than 3,000 personnel to affected areas to ensure prompt and smooth payment of insurance benefits. Based on this experience and lessons learnt, we have continued working to develop insurance products, risk management services, and other offerings to help create a resilient society.

(4) Serving as a solution provider to address social issues, such as the low birthrate and population aging

The Sompo Group made a full-scale entry into the nursing care business in 2015. Faced with the challenge of Japan’s low birthrate and population aging, we are deploying technology to improve productivity and treatments while strengthening human resource development through enhanced employee training. In these ways, we are working to provide nursing care services with high levels of both productivity and quality. Meanwhile, we are seeking to help create a society that strives to prevent and prepare for dementia and enables people, even if diagnosed with dementia, to continue living with dignity as individuals, and taking on the challenge of extending healthy life expectancy by developing services designed to prevent the impairment of cognitive functions and improving dementia care capabilities. Even in the current so-called era of VUCA*, we have inherited the DNA of the Group, which has been tackling social issues from early on, as we work to realize a sustainable society in ways that transcend the framework of insurance.
* Acronym for “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity”

2. Diversity of business, talent and network

(1) Diversity of business

In addition to its six core businesses—domestic P&C insurance, overseas insurance and reinsurance, domestic life insurance, nursing care & seniors, digital, and healthcare—the Sompo Group is developing a variety of businesses to realize “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing.” These include strategic businesses such as asset management and home remodeling.

(2) Diversity of network

With bases in 29 countries and regions, including Japan, the Sompo Group is developing its business globally in both developed and emerging nations. In Japan, we have a diverse stakeholder networks with local insurance agents, companies and local governments, for example.

Number of
domestic bases*1

Number of agents*2

Overseas bases
in 28countries
and regions

Number of
business partners*3

Number of nursing
care facilities

Number of SOMPO
Digital Labs

※Real figures as of March 31, 2021
*1 Simple aggregate of the bases of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Sompo Himawari Life Insurance Inc.
*2 Number of commissioned agents of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Sompo Himawari Life Insurance Inc.
*3 Based on figures publicly disclosed by the Group (the Company and its domestic P&C insurance, overseas insurance and reinsurance, domestic life insurance, and nursing care & healthcare businesses) in fiscal 2020.

(3) Diversity of talent

The Group brings together people with different backgrounds and diverse values, regardless of nationality or gender, and will make full use of its diverse strengths to accelerate innovation.

Ratio of female
employees in
managerial positions

Ratio of female officers

Ratio of foreign national

Digital talent
(Those who have completed
DX basic training)
FY2023 target

“MY Mission”
FY2023 target
by all eligible

※Real figures as of March 31, 2021
*1 Ratio of executive officers of the company
*2 Training for diverse human resources aimed at realizing mission-driven work styles. Key factors are mastering the concepts and methods of “MY Mission 1-on-1” and developing human resources who can demonstrate leadership.

3. Strong problem-solving abilities

In addition to providing insurance, the Group has been using its amassed insurance-related know-how to engage in various businesses, including disaster prevention/mitigation, agriculture, and nursing care, and has leveraged its business diversity to solve social issues in various areas. We deploy large amounts of real, high-quality data obtained through our various businesses to create new customer value, which we believe will help realize a sustainable society and enhance corporate value. Going forward, we will utilize these real data to develop solutions in multiple fields. Our aim is to establish a Real Data Platform (RDP) as a valuable framework for addressing social issues in order to further refine the Group’s problem-solving capabilities.

 1  Insurance and Disaster Prevention/Mitigation

Relevant data
Number of provided
solutions that contributed to disaster


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 2  Agriculture

Relevant data
Number of countries
where our agricultural
insurance is offered


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 3  Nursing Care

Relevant data
Number of care


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The Group analyzes vast amounts of loss data (big data) accumulated over many years to provide reliable insurance coverage and develop new products and services. We also use our expertise in quantifying risk to prevent losses and provide measures to mitigate damage caused by disasters. We will continue striving to create a resilient and sustainable society by providing a wide range of services that predict and prevent diversifying risks and mitigate damage.

As an industry-leading global insurance company, we offer innovative products through AgriSompo, our integrated global agriculture platform which continues to develop insurance and reinsurance products. We also provide risk solutions for crop harvesting to agricultural professionals around the world. AgriSompo offers crop producers, farmers, and other agri-businesses comprehensive protection from financial losses resulting from droughts, floods, or other natural catastrophes using an integrated underwriting, technological know-how, and distribution platforms. Going forward, we will continue developing products and services tailored to climate change. Utilizing the Group’s extensive network, meanwhile, we will expand the AgriSompo platform globally to help promote a sustainable food supply system.

To address Japan’s rapidly aging population and declining birthrate, we must tackle many challenges, such as securing and developing human resources to provide nursing care services. In light of various issues caused by this super-aging society, we provide a full lineup of nursing care services that can be used in a wide range of settings, from care facilities to the home. Our aim is to help Japan become an affluent country that can boast to the world of a long and quality life. In addition, we deploy information communications technology and digital technology to improve productivity and develop human resources, and we are strengthening the capacity of providing nursing care services in order to achieve the highest levels of quality and productivity.

Real Data Platform

Disaster Prevention/Mitigation
Using disaster prediction to minimize the extent of damage

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Nursing Care
Improving quality and productivity in the nursing care sector

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Optimize services for
mobility-impaired people

  • Extend driving longevity
  • Develop evaluation service for elderly drivers

Improve operational
efficiency and profitability of agricultural workers

  • Develop operational improvement service for farmers

Healthy Aging
Use data to extend healthy life expectancy

  • Extend healthy life expectancy
  • Develop consistent awareness and behavior modification services for prevention, treatment, and prognosis

Due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, the total annual amount of insurance claims paid by domestic property and casualty insurance companies exceeded ¥1 trillion for two consecutive years from fiscal 2018, and we expect this so-called “new normal” situation to continue. Using a variety of information on the past disasters and damage forecasts, as well as data on insurance claims payments, the Group aims to develop solutions that help local governments improve the quality of their services to residents and strengthen the resilience of companies.
There are concerns that the gap between supply and demand for nursing care will continue widening due to the declining birthrate with aging population, and shortage of workers. The Sompo Group will work to address these issues and utilize data to improve quality and productivity in the nursing care sector. First of all, we will conduct proof of concept at our own nursing care facilities, with the aim of improving the quality of our services by developing solutions that will become a standard operating system (OS) across the sector.