Solutions for Environmental Issues

Initiatives for Sustainable Food Supply

First in Industry: Launched Expense Insurance to Contribute to Reducing Food Loss

Sompo Japan began offering insurance that compensates business for donating food by building a new system, in partnership with Second Harvest Japan, Japan’s first food bank operator, to help reduce food loss by donating food that, for various reasons, has lost its market value despite still being edible.

Many food products are judged to have no market value for a variety of reasons due to accidents during transportation, despite there being no damage to the food itself. Meanwhile, food loss reduction, as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a major challenge facing the food industry.

With this in mind, we developed an insurance product to encourage food companies to donate their food products that are judged to have lost their market value due to an accident during transportation to Second Harvest Japan by compensating the insured party for the costs involved in donating. We launched the product in November 2019. Food donated to Second Harvest Japan is passed on to low income families in need of assistance.

Jointly Developed Stable Procurement and Shipping Support and Insurance Services for Farm Produce Wholesalers and Intermediate Traders

Sompo Holdings, together with Sompo Japan, Sompo Risk Management and Nihon Unisys, is collaborating to develop a stable procurement and shipping support service and insurance product for those who act as wholesalers and intermediate traders of farm produce in the food chain.

The service is being developed by combining knowledge accumulated by each company relating to insurance underwriting and risk management services for weather risks, data system cooperation in the food chain and AI-based demand forecasting that uses data retained by the governments and private companies.

This service will support the timely matching by intermediate traders of harvest time in production areas and actual demand through the provision of relevant forecasts, and encourage both the production side and the demand side to optimize the balance between supply and demand.

Moreover, Sompo Japan assists intermediate traders in stabilizing their operations by providing insurance that compensates them for the cost of procuring alternative produce when they are unable to procure crops from the contracted farms due to abnormal weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

By providing this service, we aim to stabilize and optimize the entire food chain and contribute to the development of Japan's agriculture and food industries.

Collaboration with an Agritech Venture with the World’s First Seedling Grafting Technology
-- Using Advanced Science and Technology to Help Solve Issues Facing the Food and Agriculture Sectors --

Sompo Japan is collaborating with Gra&Green Inc., an agritech venture that has developed the world’s first technology for grafting seedlings from different plant species (heterogeneous plant grafting). The two companies have agreed to work together to create technologies and services that contribute to solving global social issues in the food and agriculture sectors, including the food crisis, which is one of the SDGs.
In addition, Sompo Holdings invested in Gra&Green on February 7, 2020.

The agricultural industry is currently facing a number of social issues. In Japan, farmers are aging and their number has fallen due to a lack of successors, while elsewhere in the world the advance of desertification has reduced the area of cropland. In addition, as the world’s population continues to increase and the food crisis becomes more serious, productivity-enhancing technologies will be needed to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Gra&Green is a venture company founded in 2017 at Nagoya University that has developed the world’s first heterogeneous plant grafting technology.* This technology is expected to accelerate the creation of new crop varieties, a process that is said to take more than ten years, by reducing time required to a few years. This in turn will link to solving issues in the food and agricultural sectors, such as the food crisis, by enabling crop production even on desertified or degraded land that lacks in soil nutrients.

Sompo Japan and Gra&Green aim to improve agricultural productivity from the seed and seedling business, which lies at the heart of the agricultural production process. The two companies agreed to collaborate in joint initiatives relating to the research, development and social implementation of advanced science and technology that leads to the realization of sustainable agriculture.

Going forward, we will use our Group’s customer base to create new varieties of climate-resilient and disease-resilient crops that meet the needs of farmers. Through research and development of related products and services, we will help improve agricultural productivity and contribute to solving social issues in the food and agricultural sectors.

  • Grafting is a technique that cuts the stems of two or more crops and glues them together at the cut ends to grow them as a single crop. Grafting makes it possible to increase yields and control pests without resorting to genetic modification. Grafting is a common technique. Grafted seedlings are currently used in about 60% of tomato production and 90% of cucumber production. Traditional grafting techniques were believed to only work on species in the same family. Gra&Green, however, has successfully grafted different plant species for the first time in the world. This technology enables the production of crops even in harsh environments. By grafting, for example, tomatoes with a variety of roots can grow in nutrient-deficient soil.

Expanded Environmental Consulting Services

Products & Service

Sompo Risk Management provides customized consultant services to improve the sustainability of the corporate value while mitigating the risk of environmental issues.
The company offers a variety of consultant services such as providing information on environmental laws, supporting for complying with individual laws, and building a management system to promote solutions for environmental issues that are bases for the risk management of environmental issues.
The company also provides services for strategy and policy formulation and information disclosure.

Free Environmental Solution Consulting Services in China

Products & Service

Sompo China, one of our group companies, has partnered with EHB China Environmental Science&Technology (EBH China), a group company of the major Japanese environmental research firm EnBio Holdings, Inc., to start providing environmental solution consulting services to businesses, free of charge, in September 2018.

Following the enforcement of the revised Environmental Protection Law in China in 2015, environmental protection awareness has risen and environmental regulations have been rapidly tightened. Japanese companies have found it difficult to stay on top of all of these changes and there has been a string of cases in which Japanese companies have been fined or ordered to suspend operations. Many companies are also struggling to formulate policies to address the new regulations. To support these companies, Sompo China has formed an alliance with EBH China, a company with extensive experience in the environmental solution business, to start providing consulting services that propose measures required under Chinese environmental regulations, free of charge.

In April 2021, in addition to our current partnership with EnBio China, we formed a partnership with Ryuki Engineering Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of environmental equipment with high technological capabilities in the environmental field.
At the same time, in addition to the consulting services for environmental measures mentioned above, Sompo China has started to offer free of charge environmental consulting services for SDGs to our clients.