Supporting Japan, a Global Pioneer in Healthy Longevity

Long-term Care Business: Supporting Japan as Global Pioneer in Healthy Longevity

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The Group made a full-fledged entry into the long-term care business by acquiring Watami no Kaigo Co. (now Sompo Care Next Inc.) in December 2015 and Message Co. (now Sompo Care Inc.) in March 2016. In April 2017 we started to work towards integrating management of both companies with the aim of expediting the establishment of a system capable of accumulating know-how from both companies, thus returning group advantages to users and employees. As members of the Sompo Care Group, both companies maintain their existing brands under the motto for elderly customers based upon support for independence and ensuring their dignity, aiming to provide health care services of the highest quality.
Initiatives that set us apart from other long-term care providers include: development and operation of an internal management system that utilizes our know-how in governance, compliance, and risk management; streamlining of documentation and health record sharing procedures using electronic media; and the use of information communication technology (ICT) and digital technologies, such as sensors for patient monitoring. We are also focusing our attention to developing human resources, and in July 2017 we will open Sompo Care University, an institution that will take the lead in human resource development strategies centering on the concept of all employees being able to feel their growth. We will work together with universities and specialist institutions, crossing traditional boundaries of corporate training, to create a general research and development center for long-term care with a view to commercialization in the future.
Through these initiatives we will provide the highest quality healthcare services that further contribute to “security, health, and wellbeing.” We will also strive to provide employees with a satisfying and comfortable workplace and make Japan a prosperous aged society that sets an example for the world.

  • A 34% stake in Cedar Co., Ltd., was acquired in September 2012

Integrated Service Product: Long-term Care Support Plan

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A growing number of people need long-term care in Japan as the average age in this society continues to rise, and about 100,000 persons of working age leave work annually to provide long-term or nursing care for a parent, which is a growing social concern.
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa offers a Long-term Care Support Plan that provides multi-faceted support to reduce the need for employees of a company to leave work to provide long-term care for a relative through insurance compensation, a referral service to introduce long-term care service providers, and the provision of Balancing Work and Long-term Care seminars for corporations. The Long-term Care Support Plan, a new group health insurance that corporate employees can take out, is a set plan that includes a parent-child relation lump sum payment rider and a long-term care lump sum payment rider. Sompo Risk Management & Health Care offers the Balancing Work and Long-term Care seminars to corporate clients to assist them in tackling issues relating to long-term care.

Overview of Long-term Care Support Plan


Overview of parent-child relation lump sum payment rider
With this rider, a lump-sum insurance payment will be made when a parent (insured party) requires long-term care and that situation exceeds a fixed period of time. In the event of a parent requiring long-term care, the burden on the employee caring for the parent is reduced by expanding the scope of coverage so that compensation is provided for nursing care levels 2 to 5, which involve a higher burden on the caregiver.


Overview of long-term care lump sum payment rider
With this rider, a lump-sum insurance payment will be made when an employee (insured party) requires long-term care (equivalent to nursing care levels 2 to 5) and that situation exceeds a fixed period of time.


Long-term care support services
In a growing number of cases, employees of a company are facing difficulties balancing work and care-giving when an employee’s parent starts to require long-term care. To address this, we created a new service to make referrals, with preferential conditions, to long-term care providers, including companies in our Group. By having employees utilize services that can reduce the burdens of long-term care, we support balance between work and long-term care giving.


Balancing Work and Long-term Care seminars
We provide information through seminars for employees experiencing anxiety regarding future long-term care, and for employees of a company dealing with challenges in balancing work and long-term care.

Overview of Long-term Care Support Plan

“Wellbeing Support” Service for Elderly Customers

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Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Services has started offering “Wellbeing Support,” an unique service that allows elderly customers to use the company’s products with even greater wellbeing. With this service, the company contacts families or other relatives registered by elderly customers in advance in cases where elderly customers cannot be reached (for example, when they are out for a long period of time or in the case of a disaster) to explain necessary information such as insurance expiry. This service prevents elderly customers’ insurance contracts from expiring and terminating during times they cannot be reached, thus bringing wellbeing to them as well as their families living apart. Since its commencement in September 2013, the service has attracted 30,955 registered customers as of the end of March 2017. The company strives to improve its services continuously with the aim of becoming an “elderly-customer-friendly” insurance agency that meets the needs of a super-ageing society.

● How “Wellbeing Support” Service Works

  • The service is available free-of-charge to the company’s policyholders. (in Japanese)

Group-Wide Training Program for Volunteer Dementia Supporters


The total number of dementia supporters and Caravan-Mates* among Group employees and agency employees had reached 4,992 by the end of March 2017.
To offer greater peace of mind to elderly customers, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Services is engaging the entire company in “dementia supporter” education and activities to support communities.
Dementia supporters program was introduced by the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2005 as a measure to address dementia. The number of dementia supporters reached 8.82 million by the end of March 2017, under the National Caravan-Mate Coordinating Committee as the parent organization.
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Services advocates for an elderly-friendly and locally-rooted society, and sees this program as being closely aligned with the company, so has declared it as its priority CSR initiative. By the end of fiscal year 2016, our 125 Caravan-Mate instructors nationwide had trained 1,972 dementia supporters, surpassing our target. We also strive to raise awareness by designing Guidelines for Serving Customers with Dementia and displaying posters, and having employees wear pin badges, as well as participate in a variety of community activities.
As Japan's population continues to age, we will continue to train dementia supporters and strengthen ties with local communities in an effort to promote insurance agencies that fully meet the needs of our elderly customers.

● Our achievements and initiatives

  • Caravan-Mates are certified lecturers of dementia supporter training seminars. To become a Caravan-Mate, one must go through the requisite training and registration process.