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Nursing Care Support Services and Health and Life Support Services to Benefit Customers

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●Nursing Care Support Services

Services that offer support to both the person requiring care and their family are available to policyholders and insured parties enrolled in policies with riders for one-time payments for nursing care and their family members. Services include introductions to fee-based nursing homes, remodeling, and food delivery.

List of Nursing Care Support Services

●Health and life support service

This service aims not only to provide life insurance coverage but also to help customers lead healthy and fulfilling lives by preventing health risks. Available to policyholders, insured persons, and their family members, this extensive service includes the following 10-item menu: health and medical consultations; information on medical institutions; counseling service by doctors (reservation only); reservation and referral service for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans and complete medical checkups; referral service for postal examination; nursing care-related consultation service; homemaker referral service; life-related consultation service (reservation only); and security support referral service.

List of Health and Life Support Services

We strive to improve customer satisfaction and engage in closer dialogue with our customers through these services.

One-time Nursing Care Payment Rider for Nursing Care Level 1 or Above

Products & Service

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life offers a one-time nursing care payment rider as an option for medical insurance (2014) and low cancellation refund type whole life insurance policies. This rider entitles customers certified as nursing care level 1 or above under the Japanese public nursing care insurance system to receive a one-time payment towards nursing care.
Approximately 6.06 million people were certified as requiring nursing care or support under the Japanese public nursing care insurance system as of the end of March 2015, a roughly 2.4-fold increase compared to when the system was first introduced in fiscal year 2000. The majority of those certified (1.17 million people or 19.3%) are certified as being level 1 and, while such people only have a minor need for nursing care, certain expenses such as the cost of remodeling and renovating housing are conceivable. As the number of people requiring nursing care is increasing rapidly, we are responding to the needs of a wider range of customers through products that guarantee assistance from nursing care level 1.

Corporate Health Promotion: Support Services for Health and Productivity Management

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Japan’s emergence as a “super-ageing” society has increased awareness of issues as its rapidly shrinking working population, rising healthcare costs due to lifestyle diseases, and the growing prevalence of mental health issues. As a result, health insurance societies (public bodies charged with providing health insurance) in Japan were asked to prepare and implement Data Health Plans* in fiscal year 2015, and since December 2015, companies are now required to conduct stress checks in offices that have 50 or more workers. In addition, in fiscal year 2017 the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, in cooperation with insurers, jointly launched a system that recognizes large enterprises that practice excellent health management known as the Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program – White 500, and expectations in health management are increasing.
Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. provides comprehensive support for businesses and health insurance societies in implementing their health and work productivity management and Data Health Plans. After checking the initiatives relating to health management based on the Health Management Level Survey, solutions for creating the foundations of health management, identifying health issues, and for health guidance and mental measures are provided in line with situation surrounding initiatives.

  • The business plans designed to promote the health of policyholders after conducting analysis of various data including medical prescriptions.

Launch of Health Service Brand Linkx (Link Cross)

Products & Service

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life seeks a health support enterprise that assists customers in improving their health as the natural evolution of a life insurance company. Striving to carry out this evolution, we launched our Linkx (pronounced “link cross”) brand of services, which we supply as a forerunner in providing new value. Linkx is a concept that helps customers to comfortably and enjoyably maintain good health and it will be developed into a health-related service that focuses on innovative health-centered products and apps.

●Linkx coins

In September 2016 we launched Linkx coins (pronounced “link cross coins”; official name: insurance for advanced medical treatment with organ transplantation medical treatment benefit), an online-only product that customers can enroll in for a monthly premium of 500 yen.
The insurance product focuses on covering treatment that puts the greatest financial burden on the insured. If the insured receives care involving advanced medical treatment, Linkx coins will pay an advanced medical treatment benefit and an advanced lump sum payment. If the insured undergoes a designated organ transplantation, it will pay an organ transplantation medical treatment benefit.

●Linkx app series

  • Linkx siru

Linkx siru (pronounced “link cross siru”), launched in October 2016, is a health-related information app that uses the latest analysis technology to learn patterns in the articles read by customers and distribute optimal health-focused articles.

Linkx siru screen

  • Linkx Aruku

Linkx aruku (pronounced “link cross aruku”), launched in April 2017, is a walking app for daily, strain-free, enjoyable walking. The app offers over 500 walking courses throughout Japan (as of March 2017) and users can share photographs and make comments on things they discover during their walk. The app records steps taken, calories consumed, and distance walked merely by carrying the device around, and promotes healthy living by encouraging continuous walking.

Linkx aruku screen

Linkx reco (pronounced “link cross reco”), launched April 2017, is an app that encourages users to change to more healthy lifestyle habits by recording steps and meals and to undertake simple tasks everyday with the aim of improving body shape. The app aims to improve the lifestyle habits of users and has a pairing function that allows you to check your partner’s tasks using a special talk function just for the two of you. By tackling tasks together with a partner or a friend, users can continue the program enjoyably. The app gives advice on the optimal time to take meals from the perspective of “time and nutrition,” taking into account the human biorhythm.

Linkx reco screen

  • These apps are available for free to non-policyholders

Physical Healthcare Support to Help Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

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In line with the increased morbidity of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, and cerebral apoplexy, the associated medical costs are climbing at a disturbing rate. Meanwhile, from April 2008, public health insurance providers have been required for nine years now to provide metabolic syndrome checkups as well as follow-up advice for cases specified by the national government.
From fiscal year 2015, the measures against health issues are becoming increasingly important for health insurance companies since they must develop and implement Data Health Plan to promote health of the insured based on the data including medical prescriptions.
With a nationwide network of health professionals made up of roughly 1,100 experienced health workers, nurses, and national registered dietitians, Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. provides support to corporate employees mainly in the area as Japan’s largest provider of the specified follow-up advice services. One study shows that approximately 39% of employees who received the follow-up advice from us improved to the point that they required no further guidance the following year.
The company also provides follow-up checkups to help prevent the severe diseases for people on medication and non-obese people facing risks related to blood pressure, glucose, lipid levels, and smoking. It also offers health advice visits for people aged between 65–74 aimed at lifestyle improvement and disease management. In all, it provides over 300,000 health support services annually to more than 500 health insurance associations and other organizations.
Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. will continuously provide face-to-face health support that matches each customers’ needs, as well as original seminars and technical support on health to professionals nationwide to develop a framework that enables the provision of high quality services.

Employee Assistance Program Services Contributing to “Healthy Companies”

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Companies have been obliged to conduct annual stress checks and to offer guidance in interviews since the stress check system was introduced by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on December 1, 2015. At the same time, companies need to cooperate with management, human resource departments, occupational health staff and each department to improve the environment for individuals and organizations, based on information obtained from stress checks.
Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. has offered services aimed at providing comprehensive solutions to corporate mental health challenges since April 2007. Among these, “LLax seed”, a stress check system compliant service, uses the brief job stress questionnaire recommended by MHLW, offering various services to many customers based on a wealth of know-how and practical experience, including the implementation of stress checks and organizational improvement measures.
Besides conventional mental health services such as counseling as the countermeasures at companies, we offer different consulting services to resolve customer issues in various sectors: Support for the development of occupational health systems; support for those who are not mentally sound and those returning to work after a period of leave; and the employment of industrial physicians.
Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. will continue to improve the service and strives to develop new services to contribute to the realization of “Healthy Companies” through its business.

Source: Survey by Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc.

Offering Comprehensive Consulting Services for Food Risk Security

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To support food companies in their efforts to secure food safety, Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. offers comprehensive consulting services for food risk. These services include assistance in addressing core risks (such as food safety control, sanitation management, food labeling, and food-related accident response (including online flaming response) and support for the development of halal business structure. Since fiscal year 2010, the company has also held seminars for food companies at 188 locations nationwide to secure consumer trust and build management systems with a subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.


Offering Comprehensive Support Services in Emergencies to Secure Food Safety and Consumer Trust

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While approximately 1,000 food recalls continue to occur every year, many food companies express concern about whether they can carry out food recalls quickly and properly in the event of an emergency requiring a food recall. In response, Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc.developed a comprehensive emergency support service incidental to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa’s food recall insurance, and started to offer one-stop support service in October 2011 that includes publication of information, the setting-up of a call center, and recall operations when emergencies occur.

Number of food recalls by cause

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