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Japan’s First Telematics Insurance

Sompo Japan has been engaged in research and development aiming to support safe driving using telematics technology and to reduce insurance premiums for drivers. Our product line-up currently includes Smiling Road*1, Portable Smiling Road, and DRIVING!
The correlation between driving characteristics of the driver and the likelihood of an accident has become clear as a result of research and analysis into an enormous volume of big data, using the telematics technology know-how we have accumulated. The company became the first insurance company in Japan to develop a telematics insurance product that offers up to a 20% discount on insurance premiums*2 according to the results of driving diagnosis by using Portable Smiling Road. The introduction of an insurance premium discount based on the degree of safe driving enables us to offer customers more reasonable insurance premiums and to further encourage safe driving and support the creation of an accident-free society.

  1. Service for companies that supports safe driving using a dedicated drive recorder.
  2. Targets insurance premiums for new Sompo Japan policy contracts with new vehicle owners who have not previously taken out a policy.

Safe Driving Support Service “Driving!” for Individual Drivers

While the number of road traffic accidents has continued to fall in recent years following improvements in the safety performance of automobiles, the accident rate among both elderly and young drivers remains high, and it is essential for drivers themselves to take safety measures.
Sompo Japan believes that its mission as a P&C insurance company is to prevent customers from feeling alone when involved in an accident and to reduce the number of car accidents that could have been prevented. In March 2017, the company started to provide “Driving!,” a telematics-based service that uses a driving recorder (dashboard camera).
From January 2018, in an effort to improve convenience and accessibility to more customers, the company started to offer the service as a rider for automobile insurance so that it can be used at the same time as applying for automobile insurance. In September 2021, the company started to update driving recorders.
“Driving!” offers driver peace of mind while driving using a dedicated driving recorder with a telecommunications function that supports safe driving, as well as safe driving assessments after driving to help users maintain their driving skills. By using the telecommunications feature to enable users to directly connect to an insurance company, the company can provide an accident reporting service that utilizes the driving recorder’s impact detection function and, in collaboration with Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd. (ALSOK), an accident-scene callout service. Sompo Japan is the first major P&C insurance company in Japan to collaborate with ALSOK in providing this service. In this way, the company provides customers with total support for peace of mind and safety when driving.

Sompo Japan will continue to utilize digital technology to provide further safety and security to all drivers and aim to help realize "a society without accidents".

ALSOK Reliable Accident Site Support Service

Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance took on board customer feedback from market research and launched a project that creates new values such as “visible & touchable,” “enjoyable driving,” and “accident prevention” that were previously lacking from the automobile insurance. ALSOK Reliable Accident Site Support Service, which the company first offered in April 2016, has been well received by customers, with a service satisfaction rate of 92.8% in FY 2020.

Insurance Products and Services using LINE App

Products & Service

In October 2018, Sompo Japan launched the industry’s first accident response service using the LINE app, as well as insurance services specifically for smart phone users that allow them to purchase insurance, consult and make claims using a smart phone.
Sompo Japan also has started to provide LINE Insurance, a service jointly developed with LINE Financial, that allows customers to subscribe to insurance products using the LINE app.

First in Industry to Accept Accident Reports and Respond to Accidents Using LINE

In October 2018, Sompo Japan launched a service that accepts accident reports and responds to accidents using the communication app, LINE. The company is expanding the service to encompass automobile, fire, and accident insurance, in addition to foreign travel insurance. In August 2020, the company started a service that allows customers to file an accident insurance claim by simply replying to a chat-bot.
Customers can now report accidents using LINE, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As customers can quickly and easily inform the company of the details of the accident or trouble and necessary information to make a claim, the period from reporting an accident to completing claim procedures can be shortened from two to three weeks to just 30 minutes.

●Service to send messages after a major natural disaster

We launched a service that sends messages after a major natural disaster using the notification message* function available to LINE’s business account holders. The service sends out messages via LINE to customers in the disaster-affected areas, detailing how to report accidents and other useful information. This ensures that customers can easily report accidents and make insurance claims even when it is hard to reach us by telephone.

  • Notification messages: This function sends out messages from a LINE’s business account to the app users, regardless of whether the users have accepted the sender as a “friend.” Messages must be of the utmost importance, and not advertisements.

Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance also launched an accident response service using the LINE app in July 2019.
The company not only provides an accident response service but also a service that allows users to change policy details using the LINE app. Users can send information required for procedures such as insured vehicle registration information through the app, making it easier for users to complete necessary procedures. In the future, the company will expand the range of procedures that can be conducted using the LINE app to make such procedures easier and more convenient for users.

LINE Insurance: A Readily Available, Easy-to-purchase Insurance

Sompo Japan partners with LINE Financial to provide LINE Insurance, a service that allows users to subscribe to non-life insurance using the LINE app.

●Product features

(1) Simple and speedy subscription process
LINE Insurance can be purchased through the LINE app whenever a user wants.

(2) Theme-based unique and diverse product range
Users can choose the insurance they need according to themes that fit their daily life such as travel, sports, events, golfing, and leases, as well as weather and family. While most of the products are short-term insurance policies sold in 100 yen units, the range of products available is diverse and includes unique policies for seasonal events such as cherry blossom viewing and summer festivals, policies for typhoons and other severe weather, and policies for volunteer work or outdoor concerts, as well as bicycle insurance and legal expenses insurance that offer annual coverage.
In May 2019, we also started to offer a half-day automobile insurance policy, which can be purchased in 12-hour units such as for a vehicle borrowed from friends or family.

(3) Affordable premiums and convenient payment options
Premiums start from as little as 100 yen, and can be paid for using the LINE Pay smart phone wallet service available.

Improving Service Quality Using ICT and Digital Technology

Products & Service

Using Drones to Respond to Disasters

Sompo Japan was the first insurer to develop and implement a drone operation system with the aim of quickly and accurately grasping damage immediately after an accident or disaster and expediting insurance payments.
The company uses drones not only for insurance payment purposes, but also in response to a variety of disasters and accidents, including searching for missing people after the Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016, assisting in searches for missing mountaineers, and investigations relating to the prevention of various types of damage.
Sompo Risk Management is working to expand its research and development and support services, aiming to use and apply this experience and knowledge in the risk management field.

Using Drones for Housing Remodeling Service

FRESHHOUSE strives to improve customer evaluations by promoting the use of ICT and offering high-quality services in the housing remodeling field, such as using wearable devices (smart glasses) for fire insurance accident investigations, and drones for building diagnosis.

Investigations into fire insurance accidents using wearable devices
(from October 2016)
Fire insurance accident investigation now being conducted at all locations to homogenize service quality and speed up payment of fire insurance accidents
Building diagnosis utilizing drone
(from May 2018)
Quick and highly accurate building diagnosis of roofs and other structures that are difficult to check from the ground is being conducted at all locations.
Estimate proposals and electronic contract services using tablets
(from August 2019)
All sales staff have been equipped with tablet to improve customer convenience by proposing mobile quotations and digitizing contracts.

Service that Accepts Benefit Claims Using LINE App

Products & Service

On March 30, 2020, aiming to improve customer convenience, Sompo Himawari Life was the first insurer*1 to launch a service that accepts benefit claims using the LINE app.
The service allows customers to claim benefits using the company’s dedicated chat system available from its official LINE account. In addition to submitting benefit claims and requesting claim forms using chat, customers whose benefit claim meets certain conditions*2 can complete claim procedures by sending, via chat, a photograph of documents (such as receipts) that they would previously have had to submit by post.
Going forward, we intend to use the latest ICT technology to enhance customer convenience, provide customer-oriented value and services, and improve our services.

  1. Based on internal research, as of March 30, 2020
  2. Such as claims that do not require a medical certificate such as hospitalization, outpatient visits and some surgery

Pilot Tests for Smart Management of Restaurants

Products & Service

In September 2018, Sompo Japan, Toreta, and the Japan Weather Association (JWA) started to pilot test smart management to improve productivity at restaurants, with the aim of addressing food loss and waste, an issue affecting the food service industry.
This project aims to build an innovative demand forecast model for predicting how many customers will dine at restaurants and to improve the accuracy of such forecasts by using big data on restaurants accumulated by Toreta, a restaurant reservation and customer management service, risk management know-how accumulated by Sompo Japan, and weather data and analysis know-how accumulated by the JWA. First, the project analyzed the impact of rain on the number of diners.
Sompo Japan’s role in the project is to investigate the need for insurance that enables restaurants to continue operating stably even when the number of diners falls short of the prediction due to an unexpected weather change after model forecasts, and to develop an insurance product for risks that manifest during pilot tests.
By predicting demand at restaurants, the pilot test aims to help restaurants address food loss and waste by buying-in appropriate levels of stock and to optimize staffing, thus contributing to improving productivity in the food service industry and to reforming work styles.