Our Policy and Initiatives for Customer-centered Operations

Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Operations

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The Sompo Group has established the management philosophy that, “We will at all times carefully consider the interests of our customers when making decisions that shape our business. We will strive to contribute to the security, health, and wellbeing of our customers and society as a whole by providing insurance and related services of the highest quality possible.”
With this in mind, Sompo Japan has established this policy to achieve customer-oriented business operations based on our thorough understanding of our customer's point of view at all points of contact, and to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities to all of our stakeholders.*

  • Stakeholders include customers, business partners, stockholders, employees, and local communities.

Received the Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioner’s Award

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On November 26, 2018, Sompo Japan received the Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioner’s Award at the First Consumer-Oriented Business Excellence Awards in recognition of the Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Operations and initiatives involving this policy.

The Consumer-Oriented Business Excellence Awards recognizes the outstanding initiatives by companies that have announced a consumer-oriented voluntary declaration and published the results of their activities and follow-ups. Sompo Japan was praised for developing products from a customer’s perspective and for promoting disaster preparedness and resilience, both of which have incorporated the main principle behind the SDGs of leaving no one behind.

Presentation of award by Ms. Kazumi Okamura, Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioner*
Masaya Futamiya, Sompo Japan Chairman and Representative Director
*Positions are as of the time of the award

System to Utilize Voice of Customer (VOC) in Management

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System to Utilize Voice of Customer (VOC) in Management

Sompo Japan receives appreciation, gratitude, inquiries, opinions, requests, complaints, and other types of customer feedback via their sales offices, agencies, insurance claims department, customer relations office and customer call centers. They value customer feedback and respond with them promptly and appropriately.

In an effort to build and strengthen our stance of leveraging customer feedback in our management activities, the company thoroughly analyzes the cause of issues identified from customer feedback, and shares issues relating to product development, sales, insurance payments and other aspects of our business with the relevant departments at the headquarters. Initiatives and improvements made based on customer feedback are periodically reported at management meetings for further discussion.
For particularly critical issues, departments such as Customer Communications and Planning offer instructions or suggestions to prevent recurrence and improve quality to relevant departments at the headquarters, working to fundamentally prevent the recurrence of complaints and continuously improve operations and quality.

Voice of Customer (VOC) White Paper

Sompo Japan has published Voice of Customer (VOC) White Paper annually since fiscal year 2007 with the aim of keeping all our stakeholders informed of our initiatives to incorporate customer feedback in our management and efforts to make improvements. From fiscal year 2020 to fiscal year 2022, we have been reporting on our overall Customer-Oriented initiatives based on Customer-Oriented Business Operations Policy through this white paper. From fiscal 2023, we will focus on our initiatives to improve quality by leveraging the voices of our customers.

Voice of Customer (VOC) White Paper

Customer Satisfaction of Insurance Claims Service

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Sompo Japan is striving to provide a swift and qualified claim service and an added value that meets the needs of each customer to be the most reliable service provider, recognizing that each claim services shall embody each insurance. It has the following basic concept. “For customers who have just encountered accidents, we would provide an added value that let them feel relieved by quick responses and providing the prospects of returning to their dairy lives,” and “For customers in progress of insurance claim service, we would give simple procedure and relief to end the accidents quickly and smoothly.”

It established the SC Credo *1, the code of conduct for the insurance claim departments in December 2011. Every staff at the department is giving highly qualified and truly sincere service based on the Credo to let all the customers feel relieved.
In fiscal year 2012, Sompo Japan established a system to certify employees who practice the SC Credo as Credo Meisters, and the company is working to offer reassure to customers by developing human resources with strong communication and professional skills.

Since November 2015, their call centers which operate 24 hours every day started to receive insurance claims in five languages to improve their claim service. By the end of October 2022, the call centers have been available in 21 languages*2 as the industry largest, and are now able to respond to foreign customers who need interpreters.

Going forward, to provide customers with relief, they will strengthen efforts in swift responses and understandable explanation with collaboration with insurance agents who are the most familiar with their customers.

  1. Targeting insurance claims department staff, the SC Credo contains guiding principles for everyday judgment, decision-making and action. It highlights the importance of putting customers as the first priority and providing sincere service to every single customer.
  2. 21 languages:English / Chinese / Spanish / Portuguese / Korean / Thai / Indonesian / Vietnamese / German / French / Italian / Russian / Tagalog / Nepali / Malay / Burmese / Khmer / Mongol / Sinhalese/ Hindi / Bengali

Sign Language Service for Customers with Hearing and Speech Disabilities

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Sompo Japan started accepting accident reports made using sign language via a telephone relay service provided by PLUSVoice in September 2017.

To initiate the service, a customer can use the video call function of their phone to contact a sign language interpreter. The interpreter then calls the Sompo Japan call center and supports the communication between the customer and the staff at the call center so that the customer can report the accident. The parties can also communicate in writing and use text-based chat functions in addition to sign language, enabling customers who rarely use sign language to feel confident to contact us.

Through the introduction of this service, the company has been able to alleviate some of the anxiety experienced by customers with hearing and speech disabilities immediately after an accident and to ensure their peace of mind. In June 2020, the company expanded the scope of this service to include accident response consultations after accepting reports.

Going forward, by improving the quality of our response to customers, we will contribute to the realization of a society in which the general public at large, not just our policyholders, can feel secure.

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