Respect for Human Dignity and Rights

Respecting Human Rights


As is evident from the inclusion of human rights as one of the seven core issues cited in the ISO 26000 international standards on social responsibility (published November 2010), corporate activities relating to human rights promotion have become the global norm.
In October 2016, we amended our Group Policy for Human Rights to reflect current public concerns about diversity, persons with disabilities, and LGBT issues, where we declare our commitment to respect human rights of all stakeholders.
We have also established the Human Rights Promotion Headquarters. This allows us to involve management in prompt, centralized decision-making on various issues, including human rights training for employees. Through this organization, we deploy a cross-functional and systematic measures aimed at promoting basic code of conduct on human rights issues at each workplace.
We have also introduced a hot line as a contact point for employees in all offices and accept inquiries by telephone, e-mail, or by letter. CSR seminars (environment, social contribution, human rights) are also implemented for all employees and workplaces every year with the aim of promoting employees’ understanding of human rights and creating a motivating, comfortable, and dynamic work environment.