Building Resilient Organizations through Human Resources Development

Exchange Program for Group Employees Inside and Outside Japan


We offer the Exchange Program for Group employees to develop new skills and leverage their diverse strengths for Group growth. The program is helping to make the Japan headquarters more international, having begun in fiscal year 2014 with a total of 54 Group employees from outside Japan having worked in various departments in Japan to date.

Exchange Program

Development of a Globally Competitive Workforce


We are confronted with increasingly challenging international competition in global markets, including in emerging economies. It is therefore essential that we develop globally competitive personnel with the ability and motivation to carry out missions in the global arena, to understand and accept different cultures, and to communicate effectively in a multicultural work environment.
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa considers the increase in both the quantity and quality of globally competitive personnel as a priority issue. As such, in fiscal year 2012, the company established the Global Human Resources Development Group for the purpose of developing workforce that can compete effectively on a global basis.

●Founding of SOMPO Global University
The SOMPO Global University is a program launched in fiscal year 2012 to develop future management personnel both in and outside Japan. The program consists of customized training provided in cooperation with the National University of Singapore’s Business School and on-the-job training at Group companies outside Japan. Through this program, trainees gain sophisticated management knowledge and have hands-on experience to put it into practical use.
In total, 97 selected talents (including those from outside our Group) from 14 countries have participated in this program as of fiscal year 2016. The program produces a globally-competitive workforce with broad perspectives and experience regardless of nationality.

● Improvement of Language Skills
Language skills are essential in an international work environment. To help all Group employees improve their language skills, we encourage them to take the TOEIC IP, an internal English language test. We also provide various programs to help all employees with language learning. These programs include an English skills contest in which teams of employees compete against each other to show how much they have improved, as well as an overseas work program for employees with a certain level of language skills to gain cross-national and multi-cultural experience. We encourage all employees to aim for a TOEIC score of 730 or higher.

SOMPO Global University

Reinforcement of Human Resources


To create a strong team made up of capable, trusted personnel and establish ourselves among customers as the most highly evaluated P&C insurance company, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa is promoting the development of human resources through the cycle of “work, evaluation, remuneration, relocation/transfer, and training” and provides employees various chances to perform to their full potential. Of special mention, the company promotes human development based on individual strengths and fosters the motivation of employees who can be resilient to change.
Furthermore, the company strives to enhance the system and corporate culture to develop globally-competitive human resources that learn and think independently and continuously aim to create new value.

● Skill development support
In fiscal year 2017 we are working to strengthen management and foster a culture of self-improvement. Support strategies include a Management Academy for managers, and a Business Academy for all employees, using video-based self-directed training systems. Lessons include sections such as problem solving and strategic thinking, marketing, communications, management, and leadership. Starting at an early stage, employees who are training to be future managers can also develop their own management skills.
We are also expanding grade-specific educational support and increasing internal opportunities for peer training.

Training for Management


Reinforcing the management capabilities of managers is essential if they are to change the behavior of staff and maximize their efficiency and productivity in order to lead them to new heights. We have various programs in place to strengthen our managers’ abilities, particularly the ability to develop personnel, enhance workplace communication, and improve the work environment.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa’s major training programs planned for fiscal year 2017

  • Training for newly appointed general managers
  • Support program for newly appointed managers
  • National management dialogue
  • Training program for department management (continuous peer training among departments)
  • Training program for section managers (selective peer training)
  • Management Academy (online video training system)
  • Multi-dimensional observation

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life sees human resources capacity building as key management issue and is implementing grade-specific training programs. In fiscal year 2016, all section managers and operations managers took management classes (training) where they discussed seriously how to improve management’s capacity and how to create dynamic workplaces. Regular meetings are also held between executives and up-and-coming management candidates (for general managers) so that they could benefit from direct guidance from top management.

Support program for newly appointed managers

JAPAN-DA EXPO 2018 — Support for Students Seeking Job Opportunities


As a project to support students seeking job opportunities with Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, the company organized a special three-day, JAPAN-DA EXPO 2018 in March 2017, in which students were able to receive information on their area of interest. To respond to students’ diverse needs, the venue was split into eight areas for various special programs to be offered, and about 4,400 students attended over the course of three days. The areas included a Special Area where our directors gave special lectures and we presented our product development projects and responses to large disasters; a Variety Area to communicate our global strategies, opportunities for women, digital strategies, and other initiatives; and a Session Area for discussions with employees working in each department, giving many students the opportunity to learn more about the company.


SJNK Business Academy — Support for Students Seeking Job Opportunities


SJNK Business Academy was offered an internship program aimed at supporting students seeking job opportunities and assisting their career development.
We implemented many types of internships designed to match student needs, including a General Course that helped them understand the business of property and casualty insurance by experiencing processes such as insurance payout services, risk consulting, and product development; a Practicum Course that let them experience the motivation and challenges of working in an actual workplace and think about the working life; and an International Course for globally-minded students. Students who completed the programs commented that they had experienced what it is actually like to work for a company and gained many insights, and that the experiences really helped them in later job searching and career development.

General course at the SJNK Business Academy