Building Resilient Organizations through Human Resources Development

Reinforcement of Human Resources

To be the most highly evaluated P&C insurance company in Japan, Sompo Japan is promoting the development of human resources through the cycle of “work, evaluation, remuneration, relocation/transfer, and training” based on Group Personnel Vision and human resources sought, and provides employees various chances to perform to their full potential.

From April 2020, under a new human resources strategy of “being a great place to work: change yourself, change the company, create the future of Sompo,” we will transition to a human resources management system more suited to a “great place to work.” The new strategy will ensure that our Group Management Philosophy and corporate culture are embraced by all employees, and they can feel a sense of fulfillment and be highly motivated in their work, regardless of their seniority or gender.

Of special mention, in addition to providing the environment in which individual workers could grow spontaneously and stick at their duties continuously, it promotes human resource development and corporate culture to foster the workers who can create new value and think outside the box on their own initiative.

Skill development support

We promote an interactive management style based on dialogue and support. Managers are trained to learn and receive support to practice this approach, which encourages them to understand diversity among employees and bring out each individual’s strengths.

We have introduced a new video-based training system for all employees as a measure to foster a culture of self-improvement, and we have created an environment in which employees can acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of areas at their own pace,anywhere, at any time. Topics covered include thinking skills, strategies and marketing, organization and leadership, accounting and finance, and global issues.
In addition to offering grade-specific educational support, we offer courses that are open to all employees so they can develop leadership and communication skills, as part of our efforts to increase internal opportunities for peer training. We are using a web-based conferencing system to expand our online training so that employees in various situations can take courses.

Development of a Globally Competitive Human Resources

We are confronted with increasingly challenging international competition in global markets, including in emerging economies. It is therefore essential that we develop globally competitive personnel with the ability and motivation to carry out missions in the global arena, to understand and accept different cultures, and to communicate effectively in a multicultural work environment.
Sompo Japan considers the increase in both the quantity and quality of globally competitive personnel as a priority issue. As such, in fiscal year 2012, the company established the Global Human Resources Development Group for the purpose of developing personnel that can compete effectively on a global basis.

●Promoting Our Exchange Program

The Exchange Program is one of our human resources development schemes that allow interaction between Group employees from different countries. It is intended to help our diverse employees leverage their strengths and play an active part in the growth of the Sompo Holdings Group. Since its launch in fiscal year 2014 up to the end of fiscal year 2018, the program has provided opportunities to a total of 57 employees from around the world to work at various departments in Japan, helping to make our Japanese headquarters more global.

● Founding of SOMPO Global University

The SOMPO Global University is a program launched in fiscal year 2012 to develop future management personnel both in and outside Japan.
The program consists of customized training provided in cooperation with the National University of Singapore’s Business School and on-the-job training at Group companies outside Japan. Through this program, trainees gain sophisticated management knowledge and have hands-on experience to put it into practical use.
In total, 162 selected talents (including those from outside our Group) from 17 countries have participated in this program as of fiscal year 2019. The program produces a globally-competitive workforce with broad perspectives and experience regardless of nationality.

● Improvement of Language Skills

Language skills are essential in an international work environment. To help all Group employees improve their language skills, Sompo Japan encourage them to take the TOEIC IP, an internal English language test. They also provide various programs to help all employees with language learning. These programs include an English skills contest in which teams of employees compete against each other to show how much they have improved, as well as an overseas work program for employees with a certain level of language skills to gain cross-national and multi-cultural experience. They encourage all employees to aim for a TOEIC score of 730 or higher.

Creating Environment to Enhance Our Human Resources

Sompo Japan is striving to develop a working environment and personnel management programs that are instrumental in achieving the goal of building up the most motivated and skilled workforce based on the four principles of the Group Personnel Vision: Action and Achievement; Impartiality and Fairness; Openness; and Diversity.

●Working Environment

Sompo Japan respects the sense of values and work styles of employees, which may be as diverse as pursuing higher career goals, seeking further fulfilling work life, or working with pride while balancing their work and private life. To create a better working environment that allows each employee to work energetically and comfortably, the company offers a number of opportunities for both male and female employees to work on new challenges, and further improves support for workers with childbirth, child rearing, or nursing care matters to work efficiently.
The company uses employee satisfaction surveys to monitor the current situation and problems of employees, and feeds the survey results to each workplace. Each workplace has meetings to review them and discuss how to improve and address the problems.

The company also actively encourages non-regular employees to become regular employees as a way to further improve employee motivation and help stabilize employment.

●Personnel Management Programs

The personnel system of Sompo Japan focuses on the employees' performance only, regardless of their gender, nationality, or age, to ensure that remuneration and promotion are decided based on the level of performance in each role. In addition, for the employees who are outstandingly active, the company has set up an "Express ticket" system that enables career advancement of two ranks or more, offering a place of further activity. This has been implemented since 2018. Personnel management programs of the company include the in-house job posting program, which makes it easy for employees to apply for transfers to their desired different departments. With this program, it is possible even for general area staff (a position for an employee in which the location of residence in principle does not change because of a job transfer) to apply for temporary work outside their designated area. To support the self-directed and autonomous career development of each employee, the company has also introduced another two programs: the Dream Ticket Program, under which employees who meet certain criteria can apply for transfer to a position of their choice; and the Job Exchange Program, which gives general area staff an opportunity to work at headquarters departments. These programs are aimed at encouraging employees to actively pursue their desired positions by fully leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their work and self-improvement activities.

SOMPO Web College: Deepening Understanding of the P&C Insurance Industry While Experiencing the Basics of Our Business


SOMPO Web College was held online to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the P&C insurance business and the company’s operations through workshops and exchanges with employees.
The program helps participants to understand the P&C insurance business by experiencing jobs such as risk consulting and insurance benefit services while providing insight into the extensive nature of the P&C insurance business field.
Students who finished the program stated “There are many awareness and learning experiencing the work and it has been extremely useful for future job hunting and career design".

SOMPO Web College