Compliance System

Sompo Holdings Group's Commitment to Compliance

Sompo Holdings has established this Basic Policy with the aim of being a corporate group trusted by society by remaining constantly aware of the important public mission and social responsibility of its businesses and providing customers with the highest-quality services and sense of security through appropriate corporate activities that comply with laws and regulations, societal norms, and corporate ethics.

Sompo Holdings Group Basic Policy on Compliance (Overview)

The Company Group shall comply with laws and regulations in accordance with the following policy and realize corporate activities that are in conformity with social norms and corporate ethics.

  1. Compliance as the major premise for business operations
    With the deep awareness that profits gained by disregarding compliance is not sustainable, we will set compliance as the precondition for our business operations.
  2. Nurturing and enhancing compliance awareness of officers and employees
    We will nurture and enhance the awareness that compliance must be taken seriously so that officers and employees will comply with laws and regulations and act in conformity with social norms and corporate ethics.
  3. Systematic efforts to ensure compliance
    With the deep awareness that continuous and perpetual efforts are needed to ensure compliance, we will systematically work toward the realization of it.
  4. Early detection of issues and prompt actions
    We will establish an early detection system in order to be prepared for any occurrence of compliance issues in association with business operations, and take prompt and appropriate actions if any issue occurs.

Sompo Holdings Group Compliance Code of Conduct

Officers and employees of Sompo Holdings Group shall conduct themselves in accordance with the following Code of Conduct, which is based on Sompo Holdings Group Basic Policy on Compliance.

  1. Act with integrity and good sense in compliance with laws and rules and company rules, and in accord with societal norms and corporate ethics.
  2. Refrain from conduct unduly detrimental to the company's interests.
  3. Always act based on a clear distinction between public and private.
  4. Act in accord with common sense without improperly giving or accepting money, gifts, hospitality or other personal benefits in performing duties.
  5. Adequately safeguard and refrain from divulging confidential information and customer information acquired during the course of work.
  6. Adequately safeguard nonpublic material information acquired in the performance of duties and refrain from using such information in managing company or personal assets or in other personal financial activities (insider trading).
  7. Take appropriate actions in response to other personnel's compliance infractions without overlooking or concealing them.
  8. Respond organizationally and with firm resolve to organized crime forces that threaten the safety and order of civil society.
  9. Act with respect for people in all situations, never discriminating against or harassing anyone.