Toward the Realization of SOMPO’s Purpose

The new Mid-Term Management Plan started from 2021. The plan period for this time is 3 years through 2023 since it is difficult to have a clear outlook in the era of VUCA.
The new Mid-Term Management Plan specifies what we will work on over the next 3 years based on the ideal society as set forth in "Sompo's Purpose" and the value we deliver to society. We aim to achieve goals of adjusted consolidated profit of \300 billion or more, adjusted consolidated ROE of 10% or higher, and becoming a solution provider crossing insurance business boundary by steadily implementing the three core strategies of “scale and diversification”, “new customer value creation”, and “new work style” guided by "Sompo’s Purpose".

In August 2021, the Value Communication Team ("VCT") was formed to accelerate efforts to realize SOMPO's Purpose and to enhance corporate value through effective communication with multi-stakeholders, including financial markets. The VCT, which consists of three members: the Group CVCO, Group CSuO, and Group CPRO, is deploying a value communication strategy that integrates business strategies, Purpose dissemination, sustainability strategy, branding PR, and more toward the realization of the Purpose.
As part of this effort, the Sompo Group has been researching and analyzing the brand strength of each business using the Brand Strength Score (BSS)*. Based on the results of the analysis, we aim to enhance brand value by identifying issues, examining and implementing improvement actions, and executing the PDCA cycle to improve BSS.

  • Brand Strength Score (BSS) is Interbrand's brand value assessment

Message from the Value Communication Team(VCT)

Chairman of Overseas M&A, Group CVCO
Nigel Frudd

The Value Communication Team (“VCT”) was established in August 2021 with the mission of enhancing corporate value through effective communication with multi-stakeholders including the financial market. To date, we have led the Group’s key initiatives, including analysis of corporate value, brand strategy, PR, dissemination of Purpose to Group employees and SDGs management (ESG initiatives) etc. Amidst a drastically changing business environment surrounding the Group, the three members with diverse backgrounds work closely together and collaborate with business owners, and CxOs including CFO to lead and support Group-wide efforts to enhance corporate value. We also send a message for these efforts to various stakeholders to enhance SOMPO’s corporate value.

Group CSuO
Ryoko Shimokawa

To realize SOMPO’s Purpose, our mission is to transform the culture of SOMPO—starting with employees having their own My Purpose— promote SDGs management that creates social and economic value through our core businesses, and build a brand strategy that communicates these initiatives as a connected story. We will contribute to the enhancement of corporate value by demonstrating SOMPO’s unique sustainable growth both internally and externally.

Group CPRO
Hirofumi Shinjin

As the person in charge of the public relations domain, my mission is to communicate efforts to realize SOMPO’s Purpose to internal and external stakeholders through press coverage, advertising, and publicity, both domestically and internationally, as well as to raise the value of the Group’s brands, increase the number of customers and profit, and enhance corporation value. By communicating the concept of “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing,” we aim to foster a sense of unity among the 74,000 officers and employees of the Group.

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