The power of human resources is crucial for the creation of being the best customer service provider, contributing to the security, health, and wellbeing of our customers, both at home and abroad. Regardless of gender, nationality, previous careers, or other characteristics, human resource diversity enables the Group to hone its strengths throughout the world and drive Group growth.

SOMPO HOLDINGS formulated a Group Personnel Vision for discovering and cultivating personnel throughout the Group.

Group Personnel Vision
Action and Achievement
  • We value achievement, factual understanding and action in our work.
  • We value prompt action in our people.
Impartiality and Fairness
  • We value workplaces wherein all people are treated fairly and impartially and wherein everyone may have the opportunity to realize their potential.
  • We value people who demonstrate initiative and take challenges, not those who rest only on past achievements.
  • We value frank discussions and debate within transparent work environments based upon clear rules and procedures.
  • We value all our people as individuals, regardless of their gender, nationality, previous careers or other characteristics.