Overview of Sustainability Communication

Overview of Sustainability Communication

We use the following tools to disseminate information to ensure our stakeholders understand our sustainability initiatives.

  • The Annual Report 2021 (Integrated Report) has been prepared with the aim of having all shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders gain an understanding of the Company’s strategies and concrete initiatives to realize the Sompo Group’s Management Philosophy and Purpose (the reason for existence).It was prepared with reference to the International Integrated Reporting Framework*1 and METI’s Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation*2 and provides easy-to-understand explanations about the capital and business models used in the value creation process, as well as the value delivered to stakeholders. This report also serves as disclosure materials based on Article 271-25 of the Insurance Business Act and Article 210-10-2 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Insurance Business Act.
    1. An international corporate reporting framework by the Value Reporting Foundation that provides short-, medium-, and long-term value creation stories
    2. Guidance developed by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to encourage companies and investors to deepen mutual understanding through information dis-closure and dialogue, thereby promoting collaborative value creation
  • The Sustainability Report 2020 and our Sustainability website provide details on our SDGs in business management and sustainability policies, plans and progress, and serves as communications tools to continuously improve our initiatives.
  • The SDGs Booklet 2020 offers a clear and succinct introduction to examples of our initiatives for SDGs.

Features of the Sustainability Report 2021

  1. Initiatives of SDGs in business management toward the realization of SOMPO’s Purpose
    In the Top Commitment, Group CEO & President Kengo Sakurada describes his thoughts on "SOMPO's Purpose" and the Real Data Platform (RDP), and the new mid-term management plan for its realization. In the new mid-term management plan, "SDGs in Business Management" is newly positioned as a Group Business Foundation, and materiality which is priority management issues for the realization of Purpose, its specific process, materiality KPI are introduced.
  2. Efforts that take advantage of the characteristics of our company and the latest trends in society
    Expectations for companies are rising for its concrete actions in response to climate change. In our new mid-term management plan, we introduce “adapt to climate change”, “mitigate climate change”, and “contribute to societal transformation” as SOMPO Climate Action and concrete initiatives are disclosed in the report. In addition, we continue to quantitatively disclose climate change risks and opportunities and specific countermeasures in line with the TCFD framework. Furthermore, in addition to diversity & inclusion, health and productivity management and human rights, we also introduce initiatives through our core business, such as the products and services that utilize digital technology.
  3. Initiatives to improve information disclosure credibility
    We refer to various international guidelines when disclosing information and this Report in particular has been prepared in conformity with the Core option of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.
    In addition, since 2001, when the approach of third party comments on sustainability reports was not common, we have received third party comments from Mr. Hideto Kawakita, CEO of International Institute for Human, Organization and the Earth and the publisher of Socio Management Review, which has led to continuous improvement of our efforts. Starting in fiscal year 2012 we have obtained assurance by a third-party organization regarding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and are expanding this effort to Group companies each year. Since 2016 we have also obtained assurance regarding the total number of days lost due to absence. We are working on highly transparent information disclosure.

We also include our achievements and future strategies as shown below.

  • ESG Data Index and the list of products and services for a sustainable society. In addition, the major ESG data page shows the performance of Sompo Holdings and its main consolidated subsidiaries compiled on a multi-year basis for easy comparison to report data in detail.
  • A Key Initiatives section organized by stakeholder group, which introduces details of our work to address social issues.

Covered Organizations

This Report covers Sompo Holdings, Inc., its affiliated group companies and foundations in and outside Japan. It also features some activities by group company agencies.

Reporting Period

This Report relates mainly to initiatives from April 1,2020 ,to March 31,2021, but also contains some latest initiatives and policies to provide updated information.



Publication Period

Last issue: September 2020
Current issue: October 2021
Next issue: (scheduled for) October 2022

Referenced Guidelines

●GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards*
●ISO 26000: International standard on social responsibility
●SDG Compass: The guide for business action on the SDGs
●Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment
●ISO 14064-1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals
●Sustainability Reporting Guidelines―SPI Report Guide, Network for Sustainability Communication
●The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact
●United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
●Charter of Corporate Behavior and Its Implementation Guidance, Keidanren (Japanese Business Federation), the 7th version
●Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogues for Collaborative Value Creation

  • The details published on the Sompo Holdings sustainability website and in the Sustainability Report 2021 have been prepared in conformity with the Core option of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. Please refer to the following GRI Content Index.

Planning and Editing

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Our sustainability reports include forward-looking statements based on the Group’s management policies and plans. These statements were created based on information available at the time of compilation. Actual outcomes and results of activities may differ from such statements due to future changes in the business environment.