Contributing to Welfare

Supporting Activities and Researches for Social Welfare ― Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation


The Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation, established in 1977, conducts various programs, including providing financial assistance to civil society organizations in Japan, ASEAN countries and India; holding academic conferences and funding research on social welfare, social security, insurance, and gerontology; and awarding outstanding academic papers. Aware of the rapid aging of society, it also promotes solutions to increasingly complex social issues, including supporting families who provide home care to an elderly member with dementia or other conditions, and providing scholarships for students studying to become certified care workers. Its programs are designed to meet contemporary needs through both research and practice.

●Support for Purchase of Vehicles

Since 1999, the foundation has financially supported organizations that need to purchase vehicles for their welfare activities for people with disabilities. In fiscal year 2016, the foundation invited applications from western Japan and selected ten organizations. Vehicles that these organizations purchased help them expand the geographical area and scope of their activities and have led to the increase in income of people with disabilities and in the number of users of their welfare services.

A truck delivering much-anticipated ponies to children with disabilities

● Support for Organizational and Operational Reinforcement of Civil Society Groups

In 2004, the foundation started to provide financial support for organizational and operational reinforcement of civil society organizations that render welfare services to communities. In fiscal year 2016, financial support was provided to 41 organizations in total through programs to strengthen their organizational and operational activities, and to help them acquire official status as approved specified non-profit corporations. The foundation supports the development of high-quality, sustainable nonprofit organization that play key roles in their communities.

A child does a “high five” with CliniClowns in the hospital

● Support for Overseas Welfare Activities

The foundation has supported civil society organizations in the field of social welfare in ASEAN countries and India since 2010. In fiscal year 2016, it provided funds to projects by five organizations in five countries, including improvements in kindergartens (Cambodia), and donations of helmets to school children. The donation aims for raising awareness about the dangerous drunk driving of motorcycles and the importance of helmet use (Thailand).

Presentation ceremony in Cambodia

Presentation ceremony in Thailand

● Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation Award

The foundation has awarded outstanding academic literature in the field of social welfare since fiscal year 1999. In fiscal year 2016, the award went to Prof. Kazushige Kinugasa for his work entitled, “Values and Principles in Social Work: A Scientific Approach to Practice, and Its Logical Structure.” In July 2016, the foundation held a commemorative lecture and symposium featuring last year’s recipient, Ms. Yoko Aoyama, where she presented her work to many people.

FY2016 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation Award

Symposium and commemorative lecture in July 2016

● Support for Networking and Learning of Family Caregivers for the Elderly

Since 1991, the foundation has provided support for networking events and learning programs intended to help reduce the stress of family caregivers caring at home for elderly dementia patients, and improve their care-giving skills. In fiscal year 2016, the foundation started a new grant program to support training seminars, and grants were given out to 18 organizations, including some that support family caregivers.

● Scholarships for Students Studying to Become Certified Care Workers

To boost the workforce of caregivers, the foundation offers scholarships for students in two-year vocational school programs. In fiscal year 2016, the foundation gave scholarships to 20 students in total (10 in first grade and 10 in second grade). In the 25 years since this program began in 1992, the foundation has offered scholarships to 258 students and many of them today are playing an active role as care professionals.

Practicum for students to become certified care workers

● Financial Support for Gerontology Research

The foundation provides financial support for creative and innovative research in the field of social sciences relating to gerontology. Sixteen recipients received funds in fiscal year 2016.
In addition, the foundation organizes study groups on the Insurance Business Act, welfare management, gerontology, and other topics. The foundation also publishes a report series and distributes it widely to libraries and elsewhere to spread information about research findings.

Gerontology research grant presentation ceremony for Tokyo region

Symposium held by study group on welfare management

Heart & Arts Program: Assistance for Art Activities by Persons with Disabilities

Arts & Culture

Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club is a volunteer organization comprised of our employees. Together with the Public Resources Foundation, it is promoting the Heart & Arts Program, which provides funding for art-related activities by persons with disabilities. In fiscal year 2016, it provided a total of six million yen to 12 organizations.

● Summary of Funding by Heart & Arts Program

The arts (including visual arts, music, and performing arts activities) have the power to bring out the best in people. This program — by funding art activities by persons with disabilities, as well as programs to support and promote them — aims to increase the opportunities for persons with disabilities to express themselves freely, and to contribute to creating a society where anyone can live a fulfilling life. We invited applications for the following activities. The selection criteria are whether or not the applied activities will contribute to the future expansion of programs relating to art for persons with disabilities in the applicant organization.

[Eligible activities for funding]

  • Art activities in which persons with disabilities will participate or be active (crafts, workshops, creations, etc.)
  • Activities that support art activities of persons with disabilities (holding lectures, dispatch of lecturers, networking, etc.)
  • Activities that promote art activities of persons with disabilities (events, publications, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Creation of opportunities to present art activities of persons with disabilities (concerts, stage events, etc.)
    • Note: Art activities include visual arts, music, and performing arts activities.

[Eligible organizations]

Non-profit organizations (incorporated or unincorporated) including social welfare corporations, public interest corporations, general incorporated associations and voluntary organizations, etc.