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Road Safety Project in Indonesia

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Road safety is an important social issue in Indonesia, where the number of traffic fatalities is now the highest in Southeast Asia. Drawing on Japan’s expertise in preventing traffic accidents, Sompo Japan and PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia have teamed up with Save the Children Japan, international civil society specialized in child support, to launch a road safety project from October 2014 to August 2017 in Bandung City, West Java and from April 2018 to March 2022 in North and East Jakarta in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta.
This joint project aims to enhance a safer mind as well as safer environment related to road safety around the schools liaising with local administration. They provided traffic safety education for teachers, students, and parents at 50 elementary and middle schools (30 in Bandung City, 20 in North and East Jakarta), improved transportation infrastructure near the schools, and appealed to regional and national governments. Over 48,000 people (30,000 in Bandung City, 18,000 in North and East Jakarta) have participated in the project.

To attempt measuring and evaluating collective impact, where various constituents collaborate to resolve a social issue, we used Social Return on Investment (SROI*) analysis to quantitatively understand the project’s social value and verify that it is effective (the creation of social value exceeds the cost invested).

* SROI is a method of quantifying the effectiveness of a project, and is calculated by dividing the social value (total benefit) an initiative produces by the cost of implementing it.

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