Save Japan Project: Building an Environment Where Many Species Can Live



When Sompo Japan's customers select web-based insurance policy or terms and conditions, or choose recycled parts for vehicle accident repairs, the cost savings are used to fund projects to conserve the environment inside Japan, and achieve sustainable society while inspiring future leaders. Partnerships with civil society groups provide opportunities for people to take a greater interest in the environment in their local communities and work towards a sustainable society. As of March 31, 2023, more than 61,000 people have participated in about 997 events.

In fiscal year 2013 Sompo Japan began quantifying the social value of this project using SROI* analysis, which drives collective impact of various stakeholders that strive for sustainable solutions, to improve and expand our programs. This three-year initiative represents the first instance in Japan of using SROI analysis in the area of biodiversity conservation. The SROI of the project in fiscal year 2015, the final year, was 2.00, calculated from a social value (total benefit) of 148.83 million yen and costs of 74.55 million yen. The SROI significantly exceeds the value of 1, indicating that the project is effective, and it has increased from 1.12 in fiscal year 2013 and 1.76 in fiscal year 2014, showing a ripple effect over the long term and increasing benefits of social investment.

Since fiscal year 2016, the company has been working to provide new opportunities for residents to participate and expand the project on the concept of “creating a good environment for living things,” by making greater use of the uniqueness of local communities in cooperation with various stakeholders.

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a method of quantifying the effectiveness of a project, and is calculated by dividing the social value (total benefit) an initiative produces by the cost of implementing it.

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