Health Promotion

Initiatives to Maintain and Promote Employee Health


Our Group Management Philosophy is “We will contribute to the security, health, and wellbeing of our customers by providing insurance and related services of the highest quality possible”. In order to implement it, we emphasize the importance of ensuring the health of our employees and their families, and implement various health maintenance and promotion initiatives at our Group companies.
In order to improve the quality of services, we believe that it is more important to maintain mental and physical health as the foundation of anything, as well as to improve abilities. We also believe that working lively and actively by keeping mental and physical health in addition to living a fulfilling life is fundamental to the health of the corporation. With this in mind, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa works on improving employees’ awareness of health.

Mental Health
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa has industrial physicians specializing in mental health at the head office, with the cooperation of Sompo Health Support. The company offers a constant mental health checkup, consultation service and counseling by medical staff such as doctors and nurses. In order to catch the signs of mental sickness earlier and to prevent mental health problems, the company also provides stress level evaluation service as a form of self-care which promotes understanding and prevention of mental illness. The system which managers acknowledge as "Line Care", improves the workplace environment and offers consultation of their subordinates with regard to mental health, has been established.

Key Initiatives

  • Telecommuting and sift work for work style innovations
  • Issuing the report about health to recognize health conditions and problems of employees (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa)
  • The Seminar for improving both work and health for the employees to value health (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa)
  • Industrial physicains specializing in mental health at the head office and system for constant mental health checkups  (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa)
  • Stress level evaluation service as a form of self-care and Line Care system for managers (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa)
  • Activating internal sports activities (Sompo Business Service)
  • Stress checkup service offered twice a year (Sompo Systems)
  • Prohibited smoking all day (Sompo Japan Nipponkosa Himawari Life Insurance)
  • Program for improving lifestyle by using an application (Sompo Health Support)

External Recognition
Six Group companies have been recognized as a 2018 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in the large enterprise category (White 500) by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Nippon Kenko Kaigi:

  • Sompo Holdings, Inc. (two consecutive years)
  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. (two consecutive years)
  • Sompo Systems, Inc.
  • Sompo Business Service, Inc. (two consecutive years)
  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance, Inc. (two consecutive years)
  • Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. (two consecutive years)

Future Plans
We are making use of resources such as the support services for health and productivity management offered by Sompo Health Support to continually assess the results and verify the effectiveness of our initiatives. We use the findings of our reviews to address a variety of health-related issues of our Group companies, as well as to maintain and further advance the health of employees and their families.