Nursing Care & Healthcare Business

The Mission of This Business

By delivering high-quality nursing care services that cater to growing demand, we will help resolve the issues faced by Japan as a super-aging society. In this way, we will assist in making “Japan an affluent country that can boast to the world of a long and quality life.” Further, aiming to develop into a mainstay business of the Sompo Group alongside insurance businesses, the nursing care & healthcare business will play a central role in the Group’s transformation into “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing.”
To ensure that senior citizens can select and receive nursing care in the places where they want to live, Sompo Care Inc. offers a comprehensive lineup of nursing care services, covering services provided at home through to those provided at residential complexes. Moreover, through a new business that provides other nursing care providers with the nursing care know-how that Sompo Care has accumulated, the company will help enhance the quality and productivity of the nursing care sector as a whole.

Business Environment and Basic Strategies

The domestic nursing care market is expected to continue expanding as Japan’s rapidly aging society increases the number of senior citizens requiring nursing care. On the other hand, the workforce that underpins nursing care is likely to diminish as the working-age population declines. For this reason, establishing a sustainable business model by increasing productivity and securing and developing personnel is a pressing management task.
Given the aforementioned business environment, the nursing care business aims to create nursing care services that simultaneously realize high levels of productivity and quality. To this end, we will increase productivity by leveraging technologies and foster human resources by improving compensation and enhancing employee training. Another of our goals is to contribute to the building of a society that strives to prevent dementia and enables people, even if diagnosed withdementia, to continue living with dignity as individuals. Accordingly, we are taking on the challenge of extending healthy life expectancy through the enhancement of our dementia care capabilities and through the development and rolling out of services designed to prevent the impairment of cognitive functions.

Progress of the Mid-Term Management Plan

Results over Four Fiscal Years

In the Mid-Term Management Plan’s fourth fiscal year, fiscal 2019, the main operating company of the nursing care & healthcare business, Sompo Care, achieved an occupancy rate of 91.5% for serviced residences, only slightly below the target set at the beginning of the fiscal year. Nonetheless, thanks to productivity enhancement and cost reduction measures, Sompo Care’s adjusted profit surpassed the initial target for the fiscal year to reach ¥6.2 billion.

Tasks for the Final Fiscal Year

In fiscal 2020, the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, we anticipate that our performance will benefit from improved occupancy rates and an increase in unit prices. However, partly as a result of providing a special allowance to frontline nursing care personnel due to the impact of COVID-19, we are targeting adjusted profit of ¥6.3 billion.
While the aforementioned adjusted profit target is premised on the achievement of an occupancy rate of 93.0% for serviced residences by March 31, 2021, performance could be affected by a decline in new occupancies if the public refrains from going outdoors due to COVID-19.


  1. In the case of the nursing care & healthcare business, its numerical target for adjusted profit corresponds to its numerical target for net income. Further, occupancy rates are calculated through the division of the total number of residents at the end of a given fiscal year by the total number of housing units at the end of said fiscal year. As serviced residences account for a significant share of the revenues of Sompo Care’s nursing care business, the occupancy rate of serviced residences has been adopted as a key performance indicator (KPI).
  2. Forecasts of adjusted profit and occupancy rates are targets as of the submission date of this integrated annual report.

Medium-Term Target Profile

By securing and developing personnel and by utilizing technologies to heighten productivity, we will strengthen our ability to provide nursing care services and realize the highest levels of quality and productivity.
Assuming the progress of the aforementioned measures, we will cater to the burgeoning demand for nursing care by enhancing our comprehensive lineup of services—which enables senior citizens to select and receive nursing care in the places where they want to live—and by utilizing a solutions business to provide other nursing care providers with the know-how that we have garnered in relation to nursing care services.
Further, with respect to the social issue of dementia, through the provision of services that help prevent the impairment of cognitive functions, we will contribute to the realization of a society that strives to prevent dementia and enables people, even if diagnosed with dementia, to continue living with dignity as individuals.