IT Governance

Masahiro Hamada
Group CIO
Director, Managing Executive Officer

We will establish competitive edges in each business that help improve the corporate value of the entire Group by building a consistent governance system at home and abroad, properly addressing ever-growing cyber risks, and utilizing rapidly advancing digital technologies.

Business Value Creation through IT

The Group’s IT strategy involves optimally controlling system costs and risks and building IT systems that contribute to achieving the management goals of each business.
Building on the achievements of past initiatives, we are taking on the following four challenges in order to improve corporate value across the entire Group more than ever, by supporting new business development.

1. Improve and Redesign the IT Governance Framework

Evolving the IT systems of Group companies requires processes based on the regulations of each country and industry in which we operate. Sompo has created an IT governance framework by advancing development, including other management processes, in line with international standards while complying with relevant regulations.
Aiming to maintain and improve this framework, we will work on improving and redesigning it along with updates to the governance system for the entire Group.

2. Enhance Responsiveness to Cyber Risks

We have set up Sompo Holdings CSIRT* to respond to evergrowing cyber risks by enhancing the alertness of each Group company and collecting and sharing external information.
In the event of a cyber incident, we will support Group companies respond to the identified cyber incident.
Sompo aims to increase the sophistication of its responses to cyber incidents by utilizing the latest technologies while collecting and sharing key information.

  • Computer Security Incident Response Team (see page 89 for details)

3. Advance Digitalization

While coordinating with the Group chief digital officer (CDO), we are moving our digital strategy forward by reinforcing the IT departments of each Group company and assisting them with changes to their system architectures, with the aim of having a meaningful impact on the operations of Group companies through advanced digital technologies.

4. Optimize IT Investments

We will train and optimally assign IT personnel throughout the Group while aiming to generate synergies through the commonization of systems and the joint procurement of hardware and software. By optimizing IT investments, we aim to reduce system costs and risks while increasing the corporate value of each business and the Group as a whole.

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