Solutions for Environmental Issues

Integrating ESG into Investing and Financing Processes


Our Group proactively engages in investment and financing in fast-growing areas including infrastructure, such as roads, airports, electric power-generating facilities, water supply, sewerage systems, and, especially, environmentally conscious renewable energy projects. Since such projects are more resilient to economic change, we expect stable profit over the long term. More than 90% of the total energy supply in Japan comes from fossil fuels, which includes oil, coal, and natural gas, most of which are dependent on foreign sources. Recently, the energy market has been destabilizing due to the high volatility of fossil fuel prices and rapid increase in energy demand of emerging countries. Additionally, the reduction of GHG emissions from fossil fuel combustion is becoming a pressing issue. In order to support the expansion of renewable energy generation, we have started to make personal loans from fiscal year 2007 to business alliance with solar energy generation projects with a smaller ecological footprint and no risk of resource depletion. From fiscal year 2014, our Group has been expanding its loans and investment destination and the project size, and has invested in and provided loans to photovoltaic and wind power generation for approximately 2.18 billion yen during fiscal year 2016.