Group CSR Procurement Policy and Initiatives to Reduce Paper Usage

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives in Partnership with Business Partners


Sompo Japan is working on environmental and sustainability efforts with the entire value chain, in collaboration with all of our business partners.
They communicate and ask for cooperation with our stances toward action by sharing the Group Sustainability Vision, Environmental Policy, and Sustainable Procurement Policy with business partners, including contractors that provide waste collection, transport and disposal, as well as printing, logistics, and food services. They also communicate to business partners about our efforts to consider the environment, including proper waste management and a ban on hazardous materials being brought into our buildings, as well as a ban on the use of products of international concern, such as products manufactured through child labor or forced labor, or the use of conflict minerals.
Also, in the selection and purchasing of paper, they select suppliers from the perspective of promoting recycled paper, and have established green procurement routes.

Group Sustainable Procurement Policy


There has been growing public pressure on corporations to take measures for sustainable procurement that encompass the supply chain, following the enactment of the Modern Slavery Act in the United Kingdom in 2015*1, and the release of the ISO 20400 international standard on sustainable procurement in April 2017. In order to respond to social demands as a corporation and further contribute to a sustainable society in collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders, Sompo Holdings has established the Group Sustainable Procurement Policy, which stipulates fair and equal transactions, compliance with laws and regulations, and consideration of global issues.

  1. Act that imposes obligations on corporations such as to investigate their supply chain for human rights violations such as forced labor or human trafficking.

Reducing the Use of Paper


●Sompo Japan

The company is using the PDCA cycle in its plan to reduce the use of paper based on the Group’s Materiality KPIs. It developed management systems that prevent the making of needless copies through computerization and rationalization of insurance procedures. In addition, we are continuously working to reduce the amount of paper used by focusing on teleworking, using scanners for multifunction devices, and promoting paperless in-house meeting.

●Sompo Himawari Life

In order to reduce paper consumption, protect the environment, and improve customer convenience, Sompo Himawari Life abolished the CD-ROM version of the "Bookmarks and terms of policy" and introduced and promoted Web-based terms and conditions * from applications on May 25, 2020.

  • Web-based terms and conditions refer to "Contract Summary/Reminder Information Contract Guidelines and Terms and Conditions" which can be viewed and downloaded on the official website.

●Saison Automobile & Fire Insurance

Saison Automobile & Fire Insurance has introduced personal web pages to confirm policy details and obtain printable digital insurance policies (PDF format) for all customers with policies starting on or after July 1, 2017 and provided electronic files instead of sending paper copies of insurance policy terms and conditions, and accident support books. In addition, we are working to reduce the use of paper by introducing a video conferencing system and sharing meeting materials on the screen.

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