Contributing Community through Business

Japan’s Stewardship Code

Sompo Japan and Sompo Asset Management have declared their endorsement of Japan’s Stewardship Code, called the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors, and have disclosed detailed policies on their official websites.
This code calls on institutional investors to enhance the corporate value and support the sustainable growth of investee companies. Dialogue with investee companies is based on a clear understanding of the significance and importance of this initiative.

Global Business Expansion


Our Group pursues fair profits and pays the appropriate taxes.
Fulfilling our social responsibility through paying the appropriate taxes.

We will respect the position of all stakeholders and strive to fulfill our social responsibility as a company by achieving the appropriate tax burden under the tax laws applied to countries and regions where our business activities are developed.

We boast a global business network encompassing 29 countries and regions, including Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Our employees are engaged in insurance underwriting, claim handling, risk engineering and other services. Through our organic growth and disciplined investments, we aim for sustainable development and improving value for shareholders.

<Financial Data of Consolidated Companies for FY2021>(Millions of yen)
Company name Country/Region Number of employees Ordinary income*1 Ordinary profit*2 Income taxes and inhabitant taxes*3 *7
Sompo Holdings, Inc. Japan 474 75,096 46,772 15,364
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Japan 21,989 2,158,791 177,533 751,889
Mysurance Inc. Japan 20 171 △647 △199
Sompo Japan Partners Inc. Japan 1,350 13,218 971 407
Sompo Himawari Life Insurance Inc. Japan 2,706 318,501 23,320 5,711
Sompo Care Inc.*4 Japan 11,719 136,663 4,747 3,601
Sompo Risk Management Inc. Japan 330 6,005 313 38
Sompo Health Support Inc. Japan 297 6,084 753 337
Sompo Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Japan 166 10,701 1,973 617
Sompo Warranty Inc. *5 Japan 70 7,837 618 △133
SOMPO Light Vortex Inc. *5 Japan 27 36 △977 △162
Sompo Japan DC Securities Inc. Japan 148 3,238 756 220
Sompo International Holdings Ltd.*4 *6 U.S.A, U.K, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Bermuda, Mexico 7,247 997,547 61,173 24,657
Sompo Insurance China Co., Ltd. China 194 7,251 1,710 508
Nipponkoa Insurance Company(China)Limited China 51 448 △78 -
TOTAL 47,781 3,799,772 321,357 803,151
  1. The following figures are shown as net sales.
    Insurance companies: Amount of "Net premiums written" and "Life insurance premiums
    Sompo Holdings, Inc.: Amount of "Ordinary revenues" (after deduction of dividends received from subsidiaries)
    Other companies: Amount of "Ordinary revenues" (before consolidation adjustments)
  2. Amount of "Ordinary income" in the consolidated statement of income of Sompo Holdings, Inc. (after consolidated adjustment)
  3. Amount of "Income taxes and inhabitant taxes" in the consolidated statement of income of Sompo Holdings, Inc. (on a recorded basis)
    The amount of "Corporate income tax and inhabitant tax, etc." differs from the actual amount of tax payment.
  4. Figures for the following companies are on a consolidated basis.
    Sompo Care Inc. (including affiliated companies)
    Sompo International Holdings Ltd. (including subsidiaries)
  5. Sompo Warranty Inc. was consolidated as a subsidiary on April 1, 2021. SOMPO Light Vortex Inc. was newly established as a subsidiary on July 1, 2021 through HD investment.
  6. Sompo International Holdings, Inc. includes the amounts of the subsidiaries.
  7. The country/region in which the company is located does not necessarily correspond to the country/region in which sales are earned or tax paid.
    In particular, for the following companies/groups, the country of domicile and the country of sales or tax payment do not necessarily coincide for some amounts.
    Sompo Japan Insurance (due to sales at overseas branches, etc.)

    Sompo International Holdings (including its subsidiaries)
    (Sompo International Holdings (including subsidiaries located in the U.S. etc., on a consolidated basis)

    Due to the fact that the other companies are considered to have sales and tax payments in the countries where they are located, but we do not have precise information on these companies.