Engagement with Communities

Sompo Holdings Volunteer Days


We have been holding Sompo Holdings Volunteer Days annually since fiscal year 2011 for Group employees to get involved in volunteer activities. In fiscal year 2016, a variety of activities were held over the course of the month of December, with an emphasis on International Volunteer Day on December 5. Group employees participated in training classes for dementia supporters, local cleanups, the sale of fair trade products, donations, and other activities.

Training classes for dementia supporters

Sale of fair trade products

Wheelchair maintenance and cleaning

Social welfare efforts (Hong Kong)

Cleanup activities (Los Angeles)

Donation to caring house (Mexico)

Community Outreach


We are proactively taking initiatives to contribute to social welfare as a corporate citizen while working to develop a corporate culture and systems that encourage each employee to voluntarily take part in various activities for the communities we live and work. We also emphasize collaboration with high expertise civil society groups in their respective fields to promote our activities.

●Corporate Citizenship Policy

Under its Corporate Citizenship Policy, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa promotes community initiatives from two perspectives: commitment as a corporate citizen and commitment by individual employees. As a corporate citizen, we promote our activities for future generations mainly through our foundations with focus on the following three areas: fine arts, welfare, and the environment. We also support and encourage individual employees to proactively take part in community outreach activities mainly through the Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, a volunteer activity organization of which all employees are members.

Programs to Support and Encourage Employees’ Efforts

●Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club

The Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, a volunteer activity organization of which all employees are members, plays a pivotal role in conducting volunteer activities in cooperation with agencies on an ongoing basis throughout Japan.
The Club is undertaking various activities including forest conservation, cleanups, cleaning and maintenance of wheelchairs in welfare facilities, and collection of second-hand books. Each project is tailored according to the needs and characteristics of local communities.

●Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club Social Contribution Fund

The Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club Social Contribution Fund is financed by voluntary donations by employees ― with the amount of one unit of contribution being 100 yen ― taken out of their monthly salaries. The funds raised are used primarily for community outreach activities conducted by Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, such as the payment of expenses of volunteer activities performed across Japan, support for disaster relief and donations to civil society groups and other organizations supported by the Fund members.

●Volunteer Work Leave

At Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, employees are entitled to take short-term volunteer leave (up to 10 days per year) and long-term volunteer leave (from six to 18 months) in addition to annual paid leave. The employees who take these leaves participate in a variety of volunteer activities, including “Smile Caravan” puppet shows for the support of the recovery of earthquake-stricken areas and an interactive art appreciation project.

Community Outreach Outside Japan


All over the world we continuously participate in various activities as a member of communities we live and work. Some examples are shown below.

~Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Company of Europe

As part of our social responsibilities, we lend our boardroom to City Brokerage (a charity) for their annual Working in the City Workshops. It was an opportunity for students to gain an insight into working in the City Brokerage, especially within the Financial Services sector. Most of the afternoon was organized by the charity organization, however there was an opportunity for students to interview “volunteers” from the company.
Also, the company supports the initiatives of BBC Children in Need, the BBC's UK corporate charity and Red Nose Day, the charity event that helps raise much needed funds for projects all over the world. It also participates in the Genes for Jeans Day that donates funds to children who suffer genetic illness.
In July 2015, it decided to support the Suited and Booted organization that helps the unemployed into employment by providing interview clothing and interview advice to create a positive first impression when seeking employment. Also, at the Christmas party, the company held a charity raffle that gives hampers, champagne, coffee machine, tablet, and other items as prizes.

~Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America

The company joined a hiking and clean-up event organized by the Japan Business Association of Southern California. The mountain clean-up started as a way of saying thank-you for the donations received from Los Angeles after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. This year marks the fifth year of the event. In November 2016 the company took part in a clean-up along a trekking course that looks over the ocean near Santa Monica.

China ~Sompo Japan Nipponkoa (China)

In order to support the families living in poverty, the Guangdong Province government designated June 30th as a poverty relief day in Guangdong Province. Employees in our Guangdong office have participated in annual donation activities from 2012 and donated 500 RMB to villages in poverty in 2015.
The company also developed scholarship fund in 1999 in collaboration with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics to provide financial support (three million yen per year) to talented teachers and students. We hosted the presentation ceremony in June 2015 to give donations to 61 teachers and students.

Hong Kong ~Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited

On August 2016, the company joined and made cupcakes with children in the event held by “Family Welfare Association”.

~Sompo Japan Sigorta Anonim Sirketi~

On March 2016, Sompo Japan Sigorta Anonim Sirketi donated bicycles, which were assembled as the part of the volunteers, to families with elementary school students and financial difficulty. Also, on May 2016, the company hold the math contest for local elementary school students and awarded the prize to high scores.

~Sompo Seguros México~

Sompo Seguros Méxicoby donated to the children protection facilities, the money of which had been collected by holding in-house garage sale and by selling recycling products such as bottles, cans, batteries, paper. On December 2016, bringing own toys, employees interacted with children in the facilities.

Social Contribution Initiatives in Japan


We conduct a diversity of social contribution activities in cooperation with agencies and citizens. The activities include conserving forests, local cleanups, maintaining and cleaning wheelchairs, and collecting and donating used stamps, prepaid cards, and other items.

<Sompo Japan Nipponkoa>
◆Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions

In July 2016, 30 employees and agency employees participated in the 24th beech tree planting initiative in Nishimeya, a village in Aomori Prefecture.

◆Kanto Region

In November 2016, we helped maintain mountain paths, remove fallen trees, and clean-up the mountain streams in an effort to protect primula kisoana (Japanese primrose) which only grow on Mt. Narukami in Gunma Prefecture. Approximately 40 employees, agency employees and their families — ranging from elementary school students to the elderly — took part in the event and learned about the rare plants growing in the region.

◆Tokai and Hokuriku Regions

In June 2016, 18 employees took part in a cleanup event to protect the environment surrounding the Aota River, which flows through Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture. The slogan adopted for such activities is “Keeping the river clean for salmon to swim up.”

◆Kansai Region

In October 2016, 49 employees and agency employees volunteered blood at a blood donating unit set up in front of Wakayama Station. The volunteers not only gave blood but also distributed tissues and novelty goods.

◆Chugoku and Shikoku Regions

In September 2016, a total of 56 employees and agency employees participated in the maintenance and cleaning of 64 wheelchairs at Karin no Sato Care House run by Yushinkai in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.

◆Kyushu and Okinawa Regions

In February 2017, 90 employees and agency employees from the Oita area took part in the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon as volunteers, offering water at aid stations and encouragement to runners.

<Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life>
◆Everyone’s Sunflowers Project

Everyone’s Sunflowers Project is an initiative that aims to spread happiness by sharing the enjoyment of growing sunflowers from seeds with children and giving them an opportunity to experience the joy when the seeds flower.
We set up a special page on our website from which special Himawari Kansatsu Nikki (sunflower observation diary) and reflections forms can be downloaded. Visitors to the website can also see updates from schools taking part in Everyone’s Sunflower Class.
Under our motto “Smiling Children Hold the Key to Community Happiness,” we plan to spread the cycle of smiles by planting sunflowers throughout Japan.

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◆Donation of Secondhand Books and CDs

We are involved in collecting old books and CDs to donate, via the secondhand bookstore chain BOOKOFF, to mobile library projects in areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and to Kumamoto earthquake support projects.