Engagement with Communities

Sompo Holdings Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities


We are proactively taking initiatives to contribute to social welfare as a corporate citizen while working to develop a corporate culture and systems that encourage each employee to voluntarily take part in various activities for the communities we live and work. We also emphasize collaboration with specialist civil society groups to promote our activities.

Corporate Citizenship Policy

Under its Corporate Citizenship Policy, our Group promotes community initiatives from two perspectives: commitment as a corporate citizen and commitment by individual employees.

As a corporate citizen, we promote our activities for future generations mainly through our foundations with focus on the following three areas: fine arts, welfare, and the environment. We also support and encourage individual employees to proactively take part in community outreach activities mainly through the Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, a volunteer activity organization of which all employees are members.

Programs to Support and Encourage Employees’ Efforts

●Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club

The Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, a volunteer activity organization of which all group employees are members, plays a pivotal role in conducting volunteer activities throughout Japan.
Since its establishment in 1993, the Club is undertaking various activities including forest conservation, cleanups, cleaning and maintenance of wheelchairs in welfare facilities, and collection of second-hand books by collaborating with agencies. Each project is tailored according to the needs and characteristics of local communities.

●Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club Corporate Citizenship Fund

The Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club Corporate Citizenship Fund is financed by voluntary donations by our employees and directors. The funds raised are used primarily for community outreach activities conducted by the Club, such as the payment of expenses of volunteer activities performed across Japan, support for disaster relief and donations to civil society groups and other organizations supported by the Fund members.

●Volunteer Work Leave

At Sompo Japan, employees are entitled to take short-term volunteer leave (up to 10 days per year) and long-term volunteer leave (from six to 18 months) in addition to annual paid leave. The employees who take these leaves participate in a variety of volunteer activities.

Corporate Citizenship Activities in Japan

We conduct a diversity of community outreach activities in cooperation with agencies and citizens. The activities include conserving nature, local cleanups, maintaining and cleaning wheelchairs, and donating food to a food bank.

●Sompo Japan

Forest conservation

Forest custodian project in Nagano Prefecture

Employee volunteering

At an event in Chiba Prefecture

● Sompo Holdings Group companies

[Saison Automobile & Fire Insurance]
Interested employees jointly purchased some cookies from Nozomien, the welfare workshop of the Tokyo Covenant Church. These cookies were specially made to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary.

Bringing in the cookies

Corporate Citizenship Activities Outside Japan

● Turkey

~Sompo Sigorta~
We celebrate our employees’ work anniversaries by donating to a different NGO each year. The donation amount increases as the years of service increase.

A message was delivered to employees celebrating their anniversary at the company and announcing the completion of donations.

● Brazil

~Sompo Seguros~
Employees visited welfare facilities and spent time with the users, enjoying conversations and recreational activities together.

Visit to a welfare facility (Brazil)

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