Providing the Highest Possible Quality of Service

Agency Services


Insurance agencies of our Group serve as an intermediary between the customer and our insurance companies to provide information on insurance products and services, and support conducting necessary procedures such as consulting services for a settlement in the event of an accident.
We are working to upgrade agency service levels to ensure that agencies can provide appropriate advice and services to the full satisfaction of our customers. We offer various training opportunities where they can learn about the latest findings and information and further develop skills in the areas of compliance, product knowledge, sales, accident response, and legal and tax affairs. We also provide agencies with management assistance.

Training session to enhance agency service quality

Agency Support System


● Training Program
While our Group provides regular group education and training to improve the quality of agency services, branches and sales offices organize independent, high-quality training sessions that cater to the specific needs of individual agencies.
Each area has specially-assigned personnel with skills to further promote effective agency work and compliance who provide tailored consulting on agency management and operational supervision.

● Improving Consulting Capabilities
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa offers agencies a paperless system capable of executing the entire insurance transaction process, from policy explanations to the conclusion of contracts, without requiring even a signature or seal. This system can be run on personal computers as well as on tablet computers to enhance customer convenience. The system also has business management functionality that helps agencies improve management efficiency.

● Agency Trainee System
Our Group has implemented the agency trainee system to foster insurance professionals. Under this system, an employee hired as a total life advisor is provided with various training programs on management and insurance canvassing. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Services provides more practical education programs by combining group training and on-the-job training to target specific needs.

● Ensuring Service Quality
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa has stipulated action standards for agency reliability to specify basic action guidelines for agencies related to canvassing, managing policies, and processing insurance claims. The standards were developed based on our analysis of customer feedback and customer satisfaction survey results.

Tablet computers used to introduce products