Mitigation of Climate Change

Cooperation with Agencies to Reduce Environmental Impact


Cooperating with its agencies nationwide, Sompo Japan is working to reduce environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain through continuous awareness raising and organizational promotion of environmental protection initiatives in communities.
AIR Autoclub, the company’s nationwide association of auto repair shop insurance agencies, provides support including assistance for the agencies to acquire ISO 14001 and Eco-Action 21 certifications by introducing environmental management systems, and offers a recycled parts search system to encourage the repair shops to use recycled parts. The voluntary chain group, known as Air e-Shop 21, is making progress in reducing CO2 emissions, and in fiscal year 2019 achieved a reduction of about 240 tons.
Meanwhile, the national pro agencies’ organization, JSA Chukakukai, in partnership with the AIR Autoclub, is promoting green procurement using an Internet-based centralized purchasing system. The organizations have a combined membership of 3,200 registered members (as of March 2021).
Through social contribution activities rooted at the local level, the agency organizations are acting as points for information dissemination and spreading our efforts to customers nationwide.