Management System

Group-Wide Management (Group Sustainable Management Committee)

At Sompo Group, the Group Sustainable Management Committee (hereinafter “Committee”) comprised of the Group CSuO who is the Chief Officer overseeing the sustainability function as chairman and Executive Officers in charge of corporate planning and sustainability at Group companies, leads efforts to promote sustainable management at the Group level.Each company formulates its own SDGs Management Promotion Plan and utilizes its own new Mid-Term Management Plan and operational characteristics to achieve the “Materialities,” which are considered priority issues in re-alizing SOMPO’s Purpose. Based in that, SDGs management is implemented by setting KPIs and making action plans to achieve them, and by establishing promotional management positions, all while keeping in mind the social and economic values created by each company.The committee checks the progress of each Group company, identifies issues, and offers periodic summaries of results. In addition, the committee discusses policies on how to deal with sustainability issues such as climate change based on the diverse perspectives of each industry and company. The Committee is operated in a highly effective manner, such as discussing action plans and reporting these to the Board of Directors and Managerial Administrative Committee (MAC).