Management System

Sustainability Governance

At SOMPO, Executive officers and Senior Vice Presidents implement measures based on group-wide strategies and policies to realize SOMPO's Purpose, and the Board of Directors supervises the implementation of these measures.

The Group Chief Sustainability Officer (the Group CSuO), who is the chief executive officer in the area of sustainability, is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies for the Group's sustainable management and overseeing the Group's sustainability function.

The Group Sustainable Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the " Committee"), chaired by the Group CSuO and composed of the directors in charge of corporate planning and sustainability at each Group company, holds preliminary discussions on policies to address climate change and other sustainability issues, taking into account the diverse perspectives of each business and each company. The Committee reports to the Global Executive Committee (Global ExCo) and the Managerial Administrative Committee (MAC), leading to high quality decision-making.
The status of discussions at the Global ExCo and the MAC is reported to the Board of Directors (including the pre-briefing meeting) to enhance the effectiveness of supervision.

The Committee also confirms the progress and issues related to the materiality, which is a priority issue for the realization of Purpose, and the implementation plans formulated by each company based on its KPI, and plays a role in promoting group-wide initiatives.

Topics of the Committee (April 2021 - March 2022)
- Group's medium-term management plan and promotion of SDGs in Business Management FY2021
- Development of Materiality KPIs
- Revision of the Group's Net Zero Targets
- Group’s strategy for addressing climate change
- Annual summary of initiatives in FY2021
- Action Plans in FY2022, etc.

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