Management System

Group-Wide Management (Council for CSR Promotion)

The Group operates a performance-driven CSR management system to ensure continuous improvement. The Group’s Council for CSR Promotion has been established with the aims of sharing exemplary initiatives and updates on the progress by Group companies and promoting non-financial initiatives focusing on ESG(environmental, social, and governance)topics to improve group-wide performance. The council periodically consults with and reports to the Management Committee and Board of Directors to raise awareness of social responsibility among directors.

Management at Individual Companies (Continuous Improvement)

We have expanded the ISO 14001 certification we obtained in 1997 to the entire Group and built a management system that covers all social responsibility initiatives. Each Group company now has its own CSR management organization led by the CEO or other executive officer and run by a team of managers and leaders. Furthermore a CSR-Eco Facilitator is appointed at every worksite in an effort to encourage self-motivated bottom-up action. Currently, 2,800 (as of June 2019) CSR-Eco Facilitators and other staff across the Group are spearheading initiatives relevant to their respective workplaces. Each workplace follows a PDCA cycle to make improvements and accelerate action, a process that involves drafting an annual CSR action plan at the start of the fiscal year and conducting half-year and full-year reviews. We also conduct dialogue-based internal auditing to advance initiatives at each workplace. The operating and management status of initiatives are regularly reported to the Management Committee for review.

We engage in various efforts to boost CSR awareness and understanding. Examples include offering seminars for Group employees with our own training materials covering ISO 26000, the SDGs, and ESG topics; grade-specific seminars for executives, new managers, and newly-hired employees; and annual dialogues with external experts for product development, management, and other departments.

We are integrating CSR into overseas operations through various approaches, including holding meetings to discuss the importance of social responsibility issues and future goals. By holding training sessions for representatives of Group companies outside Japan for instance, we also exchange information on the latest social responsibility trends.