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Management System

Sustainability Governance

At SOMPO, Executive officers and Senior Vice Presidents implement measures based on group-wide strategies and policies to realize SOMPO's Purpose, and the Board of Directors supervises the implementation of these measures.
The Group Chief Sustainability Officer (the Group CSuO), who is the chief executive officer in the area of sustainability, is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies for the Group's sustainable management and overseeing the Group's sustainability function.
With regard to the promotion structure, the Group Sustainable Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) is positioned as the parent organization for promoting sustainability throughout the Group. The Committee, whose members include Executive Officers in charge of sustainability and CSOs from Sompo Japan Insurance, Sompo International, Sompo Himawari Life Insurance, and Sompo Care, discusses and makes decisions on ESG issues, including climate change.
The Committee also drives the sustainability initiatives of the entire Group; to this end, it monitors the progress of and identifies potential issues in implementation plans formulated by Group companies to achieve materiality and KPIs.
By establishing a Climate Change Working Group and Sustainable Management Promotion Liaison Committee under the umbrella of the Committee, we are building a system to advance information sharing and policy implementation based on the consideration of individual issues and the content of the discussions of the Committee. Topics of discussion at the Committee are referred to Group ExCo leading to high quality decision-making.
The status of discussions at the Group ExCo is reported to the Board of Directors (including the pre-briefing meeting) to enhance the effectiveness of supervision.

Most recent discussions and reports at the Committee

March 2023

  • The international situation surrounding ESG issues and climate change policy based on the activities of net-zero organizations, including NGOs

August 2023

  • Progress of targets and metrics committed to under SOMPO Climate Action and status of initiatives
  • Materiality KPIs

October 2023

  • Policies for GHG reduction activities in and after FY2024 (Scope 1 to 3, Category 15 (including Investments and Loans))
  • Targets for transition insurance in underwriting

February 2024

  • Materiality and Non-Financial KPI System in the Next Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Review of SOMPO Climate Action during the Current Medium-Term Management Plan period and initiatives for FY2024 and beyond
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