Our Risk Management (Business Continuity Systems)

The Group has adopted its own basic policy on the establishment of Business Continuity Programs (BCP) to ensure the continuation of critical functions in each business area and fulfill our social mission, even in the event of a major natural disaster or other type of crisis. In accordance with this policy, each Group company establishes its own systems to ensure business continuity and quick recovery after an incident by creating crisis management and response systems, and continuously reviewing them through training and self-monitoring.

Sompo Holdings serves as the supervisory body for critical responses within the Group. In the event of a crisis, it sets up the Crisis Center, headed by the Group CEO. The center gathers and assesses crisis information and makes necessary decisions while working with Group companies to ensure their business continuity.

Sompo Japan, our core business company, has identified three functions as critical in fulfilling its social responsibility as a property and casualty insurance company: processing of insurance claims, insurance payouts, and policy changes and renewals. The company has adopted business continuity plans aimed at recovering and restoring these critical functions within 24 hours, even in the event of a natural disaster or other crises.

We work to improve the efficiency of business continuity systems through various hands-on trainings, and make improvements as necessary based on self-monitoring as well as evaluations by external consultants.

For normal times, Sompo Japan has established a crisis management promotion headquarters, headed by the President, and it works to further improve business continuity systems. When a crisis occurs, it then becomes the Crisis Center and takes command of the situation.