Strategic Risk Management(ERM) Development

Our risk portfolio is undergoing significant transformation due to our entry into the nursing care business and the expansion of our overseas insurance business. We recognize the need to continuously evolve our Strategic Risk Management to address the more diversified and complex risks.
The Group is therefore constructing an ERM framework that is truly integrated on a global basis in order to facilitate the further evolution. ERM staff have already been positioned at our major overseas hubs, and these individuals coordinate and discuss with the management and the CRO to work together in promoting and improving Strategic Risk Management.
In integrating our ERM framework with Sompo International, we hold ongoing discussions between the management of both parties to better coordinate our operations through the mutual sharing of expertise. Moreover, we are consolidating and further enhancing the Group’s expertise with regard to developing more sophisticated natural catastrophe risk management, constructing a cyber risk management framework, and other matters.


Sompo Holdings’ ERM Evaluation by Standard & Poor’s

On April 26, 2018, S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc. raised its evaluation of ERM of Sompo Holdings by one level, from “adequate with strong risk controls” to “strong.”
We believe that this evaluation is a reflection of our continuous and widespread use of ERM practices in making Group management decisions.