Official Social Media Account Terms and Conditions of Use

About these Terms and Conditions

Sompo Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) has established the following terms and conditions of use (these “Terms & Conditions”) regarding the operation, etc., of the Company’s official social media accounts (“Official Accounts”).
Official Accounts are opened by the Company, and operated by the Company using the services of external companies such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn pages, etc., are not the Company’s website, and are not under control of the Company.

Article 1. Purpose of Use
The Company will use Official Accounts for the purpose of disseminating information from the Company to Users (as defined under Article 4).

Article 2. Scope of Application and Amendment of these Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions apply to the Company and Users (as defined under Article 4) with regard to the provision and use of Official Accounts.
The Company may change these Terms and Conditions without prior approval from Users, and without prior warning. The amended Terms and Conditions shall take effect as of the time they are displayed on the Company’s official website.

Article 3. Use and Operating Hours of Official Accounts
Users shall use Official Accounts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
The Company may change or terminate the contents of Official Accounts without prior notice to Users, and without prior warning. In addition, the Company does not promise to update all Official Accounts. Posts and comments submitted to Official Accounts shall be deemed to be information that the Users who sent such information have agreed to make public. The Company may store, record, reproduce and/or edit such information, and may post, exhibit and/or publish it in various media, etc., free of charge. In principle, the Company is not obligated to reply to posts or comments, etc., submitted to Official Accounts.
The Company will normally operate posts, etc., during the following times.

Weekdays: 09:00–18:00 (excluding end-of-year and New Year holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and other holidays specified by the Company)

Article 4. Users
“User” means a person who has viewed and used an Official Account (or Accounts).
By using an Official Account, it is deemed that the User agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5. Access to Basic Information
The Company will access information that is publicly available in a User’s social media settings, such as their name and profile picture. If a User registers as a fan of an Official Account or follows an Official Account, the User shall be deemed to have granted access to his or her information from that Official Account. The Company will access information that is publicly available in a User’s social media settings, such as their name and profile picture.

Article 6. Precautions
Users should be cautious of the following: Even if a User incurs damages due to the violation of the following precautions, the Company will not be held liable whatsoever.

  1. Please save the data, text, etc., created by Users at your own risk.
  2. Do not allow any third party to know your password.
  3. Do not infringe on copyrights, portrait rights, privacy rights or any other rights of other Users, third parties or the Company.

Article 7. Prohibited Acts and Criteria for Deletion
The following acts are prohibited for Official Accounts. If a User engages in any of the following prohibited acts, the Company may warn, cancel his or her registration, claim damages and/or take other necessary measures against the User. The Company may also block the User’s account. In such cases, the Company will not notify the User. In the event that a User causes damage to a third party by using an Official Account, the User shall resolve the issue at his or her own responsibility and expense.

  1. Acts that interfere with the operation of Official Accounts and other acts that may cause interference to Official Accounts
  2. Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damages to other Users, third parties, or the Company
  3. Acts that infringe or may infringe upon trademark rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, privacy rights or other rights of other Users, third parties or the Company
  4. Acts prohibited by each social media operator
  5. Acts that run contrary to the purpose of this service or those that are not related to the purpose of the Official Accounts
  6. Acts that identify, disclose, or leak personal information without the consent of the person concerned
  7. Acts that damage or defame the honor or credibility of a specific individual or organization
  8. Acts that violate or may violate laws, regulations, public order or morals
  9. Acts that constitute obscene expressions
  10. Acts that lead to or may lead to criminal acts
  11. Political activities, election activities, religious activities, or similar acts
  12. Acts of impersonating a third party, including the Company
  13. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

The Company considers communication with Users to be important, and we will not delete posts lightly. However, if a User posts a post that falls under the prohibited acts listed above, the Company may delete the posted information and content, etc., and take other necessary measures without any prior notice to the User.

Article 8. Intellectual Property Rights
Copyrights and all other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and know-how) relating to the information displayed on Official Accounts belongs to the Users who made the post; but upon posting it is deemed that the User has licensed use of the posted content to the Company free of charge and non-exclusively worldwide (including processing, excerpts, reproduction, publication, and translation, etc.), and Users agree not to exercise their copyright rights, etc. against the Company.
Without the permission of the rights holder, Users may not use any information provided through Official Accounts beyond the scope not restricted by the Copyright Act (such as private reproduction by individual Users as permitted by the Copyright Act). Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
In the event of any problem arising between a User and the rights holder or a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the User shall resolve the problem at his or her own responsibility and expense.

Article 9. Disclaimer
The Company shall not be liable for the following matters when using this account.

  1. Accuracy of the wording and/or claims on this account
  2. Damage caused to Users and/or other third parties caused by information communicated by the Company (excluding cases caused by the Company’s willful intent or gross negligence)
  3. Content posted by Users
  4. Damage caused by the Users’ use of or inability to use this account
  5. Damages caused by trouble arising between Users or between Users and third parties
  6. Other matters that the Company deems equivalent to any of the above

Article 10. Communicated Information
The Company’s official announcements and views are communicated on the Company’s official website. Information communicated by the Company and its employees on social media does not necessarily represent the Company’s official announcements or views. Content posted by Users does not reflect the opinions of the Company, its employees or any related parties.

Article 11. Handling of Personal Information
When the Company acquires personal information from Users, it is managed appropriately based on the Company’s declaration on the protection of personal information.

Article 12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Guidelines are governed by the laws of Japan. Any dispute arising between Users and the Company shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.