Future Growth Prospects

Future Growth Prospects

Growth Scenario

Based on a solid business foundation centered on the insurance and nursing care businesses, we will achieve further growth, improve profitability, and build a stable business portfolio by diversifying risks.

In addition, we will utilize a variety of real data obtained from our business activities to create new customer value that contributes to solving social issues and enhance our long-term profit growth potential.

Domestic P&C Insurance
Increase profits by pursuing profitability

  • Aiming for significant profit growth by strengthening underwriting using technology and improving productivity.
  • Creating new products and services by strengthening marketing using digital technology.
  • Aim to expand revenue streams over the medium to long-term in the fields of mobility, disaster prevention & mitigation, and self-driving, which have a high affinity with the insurance business.
  • Strengthen the business foundation by new work styles, developing human resources, and accelerating diversity and inclusion.

Overseas Insurance
Driving group profit growth through industry-leading growth

  • Achieve industry-leading growth with improved profitability through highly specialized underwriting practices.
  • Under the umbrella of Sompo International Holdings, which consolidates local subsidiaries in various countries, we will further improve profitability by strengthening governance, horizontal deployment of skills, and consolidation of indirect departments.
  • Implement optimal risk management through internal control that also utilizes technology.
  • Accelerate discontinuous growth and diversification through disciplined M&A.

Domestic Life Insurance
Sustained growth to establish as a " health support enterprise”

  • Continuously increase revenues by developing new customer segments through “Insurhealth”, which combines the original functions of insurance and healthcare.
  • Promote the provision of services based on the needs of society, such as online contracting process and promotion of digitalization of various procedures.
  • Pursue higher productivity and lower cost operations by new work styles and improving efficiency through the integration of sales offices and other measures.
  • Enhance capital efficiency by reducing the amount of interest rate risk.

Nursing Care & Seniors Business
Healing to realize “Japan, an affluent country that can boast to the world of a long and quality life.”

  • Strengthen the supply capacity of nursing care services by increasing productivity through the use of technology, etc., and by securing human resources through improvements in the treatment of employees.
  • Aiming for further growth as a nursing care operator by aggressively expanding the scale of operations to meet the growing demand for nursing care.
  • Contribute to improving the sustainability of the entire industry by providing solutions such as operational support and management consulting for nursing care businesses.
  • Establish businesses that support active seniors, including support for seniors' social participation and development of dementia prevention programs.

Digital Business
Create solutions and develop business models based on data

  • Aim to monetize digital solutions, such as product development and sales in collaboration with startups who have advanced technology.
  • Apply the data and knowhow accumulated in the digital business to the development of solutions for other businesses/domains and contribute to monetization as “Real Data Platform*”.
    *A business model that integrates and analyzes the vast amount of real data obtained through the various operations of our group companies and partner companies to provide new solutions to solve social issues.