Strategic Businesses

We are going beyond insurance to develop a wide range of businesses that support customer security, health, and wellbeing. These efforts include assisting customers with asset formation through the asset management and providing policyholders with roadside assistance service through the assistance business. We are also advancing into home remodeling and extended warranty business fields.


Business Domain

To enable even more customers to live with security, health, and wellbeing, we are developing a wide range of businesses that go beyond insurance products. In recent years, we have advanced into the home remodeling and extended warranty business .


Establishment of Kagoshima Business Center (June 2016)

Prime Assistance Co., Ltd. positioned a large-scale call center in Kagoshima City, its third call center after establishing those in Akita Prefecture and Tokyo in April 2014, and call center operations have continued to be smooth. On June 1, 2016, this call center was expanded to include a business center in Kagoshima City for improving customer convenience, providing highest quality service, and reinforcing business continuity management. With the commencement of operations at this center, it has been contributing to more high level of service.

Group companies


Placing the utmost emphasis on contributing to the wealth-building of customers and striving to provide unique and high-quality asset management services.

Prime Assistance Inc.

An innovative assistance company that helps customers to resolve various inconveniences in their surrounding environment.


From simple repair work to renovation, a company that helps to eliminate inconvenience and create safe, secure homes.

Sompo Warranty Inc.

We are extended warranty company that provides safe,secure and the best solutions for our customers.