Noteļ¼‰The following method is used for calculating adjusted profit.
Domestic P&C Insurance:Net income + Provisions for catastrophic loss reserve (after tax)
+ Provisions for reserve for price fluctuation (after tax)
– Gains/losses on sales of securities and impairment losses on securities (after tax)
– Special factors (e.g. dividend from subsidiaries)
Domestic Life Insurance:Net income + Provision of capital reserve (after tax)
+ Adjustment of underwriting reserve (after tax)+ Deferral of acquisition cost (after tax)
– Depreciation of acquisition cost (after tax)
Nursing care & healthcare, etc.:Net income
Overseas insurance:Net income (incl. major non-consolidated subsidiaries)

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Rating Information (As of June 2,2016)

Solvency Margin Ratio (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa) (As of March 31,2016)