Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Private and Public Life

Our Vision

Respect the human rights and individuality of all stakeholders, supporting them in their pursuit of professional and personal development.

The Facts

Gender Gap Index (GGI) Country Ranking 2017

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2017 ranked Japan 114th out of 144 countries worldwide. Its scores for “political empowerment” and “economic participation and opportunity” of women were especially low. With gender equality being an imperative for Japan, the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace took force on April 1, 2016.

Basic Policies for Our Action

The Group believes in the importance of having a diverse sense of values among its employees and making the most of their capabilities to create an innovative and resilient organization so that diversity can lead to its growth.
On that premise, the Group has adopted the slogan "Diversity for Growth" to inspire the development of new products and services based on that diverse sense of values.
Our respect for human rights and diversity also extends to customers and other stakeholders, as evidenced in our efforts to provide inclusive products and services and to raise awareness around issues of equality.

Management System

The Diversity Promotion Headquarters is a Group-wide committee comprised of Group company officers in charge of human resources, headed by the Sompo Holdings’ relevant executive officer. The holding company’s HR division serves as its secretariat, and its activities are reported on an ad hoc basis to the Management Committee.

Diversity Promotion Headquarters

Targets and Results

The CSR-KPI results for the past 3 fiscal years and targets for fiscal 2018 are shown below. The boundaries (scope of impacts) for each item are the entire Group.

CSR-KPIs for Fiscal Year 2018 Targets for Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Private and Public Life

Group’s CSR KPIs FY2018 Targets Categories of corporatevalue improvement
Initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion Continuously implement measures topromote and raise awareness of diversity
Ratio of female employees in managerial positions Promote with the aim of achieving 30%by the end of FY2020

A: Increases revenue and investment income
B: Reduces costs
C: Increases brand recognition and trust
D: Strengthens the organization; enhances employee loyalty

Our Key Strengths

When tackling the material issues, we identify three key strengths of the Group to utilize. Here we introduce our approaches to address this material issue.

Our Key Strengths Approaches to Address the Material Issue
[1] Products & Services Developing and providing innovative products and services using financial expertise and digital technologies to provide innovative solutions for social issues. In the development and provision of products and services, we respect human rights and consider diversity.
[2] Partnerships Promoting the development of advanced human skills by fostering partnerships with stakeholders representative of broad sectors of civil society. We aim to create an innovative and resilient organization by securing employees who have a diverse sense of values, and making the most of their capabilities through capacity building in partnership with stakeholders.
[3] Arts & Culture Promoting the quality of life and its enrichment by the application throughout all our operations of our expertise and resources in the arts and culture. We promote diversity by fostering a social appreciation of diversity in the arts and through initiatives to create a social environment that respects diverse groups and produces human resources that can contribute to social inclusion.

Stakeholder Comments

Below we introduce selected comments received from stakeholder dialogues held when redefining the Group CSR Material Issues, announced in April 2016, plus our responses.

Stakeholder Comments
(Stakeholder category)
Our Responses and Focus
Gender equality is currently an important theme in Japan, but it is also necessary to change management styles, work environments, and processes to match more diverse values. (CSR expert international institution) We aim to maximize the value of the Group’s human resources by making the most of a diverse workforce (in terms of nationality, gender, age, experience) and through the optimal placement of employees to the best post at the best timing across the Group.
We need to engage not just businesses but society as a whole in this effort. (CSR expert international institution) We have various offerings in this regard, including seminars and consulting services relating to diversity.
It is important to view diversity as a management strategy. (Government) We are boosting efforts to promote diversity throughout the entire Group, have adopted the slogan "Diversity for Growth" to inspire the provision of the best possible quality to customers and lead to the entire Group growth, and have established the Diversity Promotion Headquarters.
Businesses need to be inclusive to the LGBT community and others with different values. (Civil society) To promote better understanding of LGBT issues, we offer seminars for employees to become allies (informed supporters), with the aim of creating a welcoming work environment.

Moving Forward

We will comply with all national and local human rights laws wherever we operate, while contributing to local economies by conducting our business in line with local cultures, customs, and stakeholder interests. We will also continue to advance initiatives to increase the ratio of female managers to 30% by the end of fiscal 2020 and to be inclusive to LGBT people.

Key Initiatives

Female Employee Engagement


Our Group has set a goal of increasing the percentage of women in managerial positions to 30% by the end of fiscal year 2020, and is actively recruiting women to managerial positions. Specific measures to produce more female managers include the implementation of various training programs to create a pipeline for women in a range of positions from junior level to management: Management classes; preparatory management classes; and career development training. We have also introduced a mentor program in which a manager other than a female employee’s own supervisor provides support as a mentor (adviser) to the employee to create a work culture and environment that supports female employees in their careers.
The number of female managers in the Group when the target was set in July 2013 was 305, a mere 5% of all managers. Thanks to the above-stated initiatives, as of April 2018 there were 931 female managers, 20.7% of the total. At Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, the largest Group company, “graduates” of such training programs include one director, one executive officer, and eleven general managers. As women are empowered, there are more working mothers, and more fathers taking an active role in raising their children, we decided to join the Ikuboss Alliance established by NPO Fathering Japan in April 2015, in the belief that it is important to create a workplace where men and women can continue to work while harmonizing their work-life balance.

●External Recognition

March, 2014Awarded “Diversity Management Selection 100” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

January, 2015Awarded“Corporate Activity Award” by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Decedmber,2016Awarded “the Prime Minster’s Award” at Commend Leading Companies Where Empowering Women”

March,2018Selected “NADESHIKO BRAND 2018”by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange

April,2018Awarded “the Grand Prize” at the 3rd Working Women Empowerment Award by Japan Productivity Center (Working Women’s Empowerment Forum)