Sompo Holdings Releases CSR Video clip Series[Topics]

May 09, 2017

Sompo Holdings, Inc.

Sompo Holdings Releases CSR Video clip Series

Sompo Holdings, Inc. (Group CEO & President: Kengo Sakurada, hereinafter “Sompo Holdings”) announces today the release of a series of video clips introducing its initiatives in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • The Video clips are provided with English subtitles.

1. Background and purpose

Faced with mounting social issues ranging from large-scale disasters to aging populations and environmental devastation, many companies today are actively engaged in efforts to fulfill their social responsibility as corporate citizens. Sompo Holdings produced these video clips to raise awareness about these social issues and engage more of its stakeholders in the work of addressing them.

2. Video clip features

Each of these video clips briefly describes a social issue and then introduces Sompo Holdings initiatives aimed at their resolution. The video clips tell their stories using infographics, the representation of numerical data and abstract information in visual form.
The key message of the video clips is "A Better Future Together ." It captures Sompo Holdings' ambition to collaborate with its diverse stakeholders on tackling some of the many complex and intractable social issues currently facing the world and to build a better future together.

3. Video clip installments

(1) Conserving biodiversity

Every year, 40,000 species go extinct. That’s one species disappearing every 13 minutes.* This video clip presents the current health of biodiversity on Earth and introduces the SAVE JAPAN Project, an effort to protect that biodiversity.

  • Source: Japan Ministry of the Environment website

(2) Social inclusion through art

This video clip paints a picture of Japan 40 years from now and introduces the Diversity on the Arts Project (DOOR) and the SOMPO Paralym Art Soccer Art Contest, two initiatives aimed at creating an inclusive society in which everyone can take part.

(3) Disaster risk reduction

Natural disasters in 2016 dealt a global economic cost of 175 billion US dollars.* This video clip introduces the Bosai JAPAN-DA Project, an initiative to educate children and their guardians on ways to prepare for and respond to accidents and natural disasters.

  • Source: Munich RE, from a press release dated January 4, 2017

4. Going forward

The video clips are being broadcast through Sompo Holdings’ official website, YouTube channel, social networking services, and other media. They reflect Sompo Holdings’ ongoing commitment to partnering with its stakeholders on solutions to challenges facing society and toward creating a more sustainable future.