Group CSR Materiality

Redefining Group CSR Materiality

In April 2016 the Group redefi ned its CSR Material Issues to refl ect recent international and business developments. The new material issues are now guiding PDCA-driven efforts to further increase performance in accordance with a new set of CSR key performance indicators (CSR-KPIs).

Major Initiatives on each redefined CSR Material Issues

Descriptions of our basic policies, management systems, CSR-KPIs , major initiatives, and future policies and plans, to effectively communicate our PDCA process for improving actions on each redefi ned CSR Material Issues. Please see below for details.

1 Providing Solutions for Disaster Preparedness
2 Contributing to Health and Welfare
3 Promoting the Manageability of Global Environmental Issues
4 Empowering Community and Society
5 Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Private and Public Life

Group’s CSR-KPIs(Key Performance Indicators)

We set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each CSR Material Issue. Actions are taken to achieve targets for each CSR-KPIs, providing measurable progress on our various sustainability goals.