SDGs Initiatives

We are undertaking many initiatives to help achieve the SDGs.

Material Issue 1: Providing Solutions for Disaster Preparedness

Our Vision

Provide products and services to help improve disaster resilience, and collaborate with stakeholders on realizing a safer, more secure world.

Material Issue 2: Contributing to Health and Welfare

Our Vision

Provide high-quality nursing care and healthcare services, and implement projects that promote health and welfare with the aim of creating a society where all people are able to lead a fulfilling life.

Material Issue 3: Promoting the Manageability of Global Environmental Issues

Our Vision

Contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and other global environmental goals by working through our value chain and providing new solutions.

Material Issue 4: Empowering Community and Society

Our Vision

Through community outreach and initiatives in culture and the arts, improve the lives of people in local communities and become their most trusted corporate citizen.

Material Issue 5: Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Private and Public Life

Our Vision

Respect the human rights and individuality of all stakeholders, supporting them in their pursuit of professional and personal development.