Empowering Community and Society

Our Vision

Through community outreach and initiatives in culture and the arts, improve the lives of people in local communities and become their most trusted corporate citizen.

The Facts
Public Perception of Corporations

A public opinion survey on corporate perceptions in Japan found that 83% of respondents believe corporations provide safe, trustworthy products and services at appropriate prices, while 54% believe
corporations do not coexist well with local communities and 63% believe corporations are not involved in philanthropy (support for sports, culture, and the arts) or other forms of societal contribution.

Basic Policies for Our Action

We are aware that the ongoing migration to urban centers has impacts such as the further decline of regional populations and the weakening of information flows, which could put constraints on our business expansion and lead to decreased customers. Meanwhile, in the context of these risks, we believe that we have an important responsibility to maintain communication with society — as a corporation and as individual employees — to keep awareness of various social issues and contribute to building a better community and society.
We are engaged in a variety of such social initiatives in partnership with civil society organizations and other stakeholders, while also supporting employee participation to use the skills they develop through work.
Addressing community and social challenges in this way serves the dual purpose of realizing a more resilient and sustainable society while building a more deeply trusted and highly valued Group brand. Active involvement in addressing social issues also helps employees and agencies cultivate a deeper sensitivity, improving their skills on and off the job.

Management System

The Council for CSR Promotion is a Group-wide committee comprised of Group company officers in charge of social responsibility, headed by the Sompo Holdings’ relevant executive officer. The Council deliberates and confirms progress on Group CSR measures. Its activities are periodically reported to and discussed by the Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Targets and Results

The CSR-KPI results for fiscal 2016 and targets for fiscal 2017 are shown below.
The boundaries (scope of impacts) for each item are the entire Group.

Our Key Strengths

When tackling the material issues, we identify three key strengths of the Group to utilize. Here we introduce our approaches to address this material issue.

Our Key Strengths Approaches to Address the Material Issue
[1] Products & Services Developing and providing innovative products and services using financial expertise and digital technologies to provide innovative solutions for social issues. We work in public-private partnership with local governments nationwide to address issues specific to each region, on themes such as disaster resilience, traffic safety, and corporate risk consulting.
[2] Partnerships Promoting the development of advanced human skills by fostering partnerships with stakeholders representative of broad sectors of civil society. Agencies and employees across Japan work together in collaboration with other stakeholders, to build a better community and society through activities such as maintenance and cleaning of wheelchairs at social welfare and other facilities across Japan.
[3] Arts & Culture Promoting the quality of life and its enrichment by the application throughout all our operations of our expertise and resources in the arts and culture. The Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art is the only venue in Asia where people can view Vincent Van Gogh's “Sunflowers.” It supports special and feature exhibitions, emerging artists, and art appreciation through dialogue, and continues to contribute to the enrichment of society through the arts.

Stakeholder Comments

Below we introduce selected comments received from stakeholder dialogues held when redefining the Group CSR Material Issues, announced in April 2016, plus our responses.

Stakeholder Comments
(Stakeholder category)
Our Responses and Focus
As a provider of insurance and long-term care services, you are addressing various risks people face in their daily lives. In that sense, your business is strongly tied to the community. (ESG investment expert)
Society does not yet have adequate frameworks for discussing and addressing systemic regional issues. I would like to see your employees be more involved in these issues. (Civil society)
Employees should be constantly reminded of the importance of community outreach. (Trade union)
As a corporate group with offices nationwide in Japan and around the world and seeking collaboration with local communities, we work to promote social outreach programs that consider each region’s local differences and social issues, through initiatives such as the Sompo Holdings Volunteer Days and the Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club, which support employees' volunteer activities.
Your connection to a wide range of stakeholders is an important resource. Your direct link to the consumer means you can help spread important ideas. (Government) We encourage engagement and joint projects with a variety of stakeholders, and believe in the importance of sharing with our customers a common awareness of social issues.
I would like you to consider actions to address poverty and inequality. (CSR expert international institution) (Civil society) Through initiatives such as the Sompo Holdings Volunteer Days and the Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club which support employees' volunteer activities, we strive to support developing countries and address inequality in Japan.
Agencies should also participate in initiatives, just like employees. (Agency) National agency associations (AIR Autoclub and JSA Chukakukai) and Group employees are jointly engaged in activities such as the maintenance and cleaning of wheelchairs at social welfare and other facilities, working to make social contributions that consider each region’s local differences and social issues.

Moving Forward

To further empower communities around the world, we will continue to partner with civil society organizations in providing frameworks such as Sompo Holdings Volunteer Days and Sompo Chikyu (Earth) Club for our employees and agencies to participate in community service. We will also provide continued recovery assistance to communities heavily impacted by disasters.