Contributing to Health and Welfare

Our Vision

Provide high-quality nursing care and healthcare services, and implement projects that promote health and welfare with the aim of creating a society where all people are able to lead a fulfilling life.

The Facts

Percentage of elderly population* by country

Japan’s population is aging at a speed unmatched by other developed countries, the proportion of its elderly having gone from the low range among the world’s nations in the 1980s and earlier, to the middle range in the 1990s, to the highest of any country in 2005.
Regionally, developed regions of the world are already experiencing population aging, but the pace is expected to accelerate in developing regions as well.

  • Percentage of elderly population: Ratio of population 65 years of age and over to the total population.

Basic Policies for Our Action

Japan is quickly becoming a super-aged society, and in the pursuit of making Japan a country of prosperity and long life our Group faces many challenges, including rising insurance payments in the life, medical, and long-term care insurance sectors, and a shortage of workers in the long-term care services sector. At the same time, we also see the growing demand for products and services that respond to these risks as business opportunities to provide "security, health, and wellbeing."
Aware of diverse risks as Japan becomes a super-aged society, we aspire to become the country's most trusted long-term care provider by offering the highest-quality care services and establishing our brand in this field, to realize "Japan, an affluent country that can boast to the world of a long and quality life." Also, to help extend healthy life expectancy, we provide services that promote health and productivity management while also addressing mental health issues and lifestyle-related diseases, and through this we support customers’ efforts for "security, health, and wellbeing."

We also contribute to sustainability in developing economies and other parts of the world by implementing projects with civil society organizations and other stakeholders with the aim of addressing local issues using our health and welfare expertise.

Management System

The Council for CSR Promotion is a Group-wide committee comprised of Group company officers in charge of social responsibility, headed by the Sompo Holdings’ relevant executive officer. The Council deliberates and confirms progress on Group CSR measures. Its activities are periodically reported to and discussed by the Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Targets and Results

The CSR-KPI results for fiscal 2016 and targets for fiscal 2017 are shown below.
The boundaries (scope of impacts) for each item are the entire Group.

Our Key Strengths

When tackling the material issues, we identify three key strengths of the Group to utilize. Here we introduce our approaches to address this material issue.

Our Key Strengths Approaches to Address the Material Issue
[1] Products & Services Developing and providing innovative products and services using financial expertise and digital technologies to provide innovative solutions for social issues. We continue the research and development of leading-edge ICT and digital technologies based on the combined strengths of the Group, to achieve innovative service quality and productivity.
[2] Partnerships Promoting the development of advanced human skills by fostering partnerships with stakeholders representative of broad sectors of civil society. We adopt systems to regularly secure adequate human resources to provide long-term care services, and seek care level improvements by focusing on education and training, such as by opening training centers that have special equipment. For the issue of care worker turnover, we consider gradual improvements of employment conditions or other policies to sustainably offer high-quality service.
[3] Arts & Culture Promoting the quality of life and its enrichment by the application throughout all our operations of our expertise and resources in the arts and culture. By fostering a social appreciation of diversity in the arts and through initiatives to create a social environment that respects diverse groups and produces human resources that can contribute to social inclusion, we work to increase the opportunities for social participation of each individual including the vulnerable, such as the elderly and persons with disabilities. We also help nurture people’s sense of fulfilment by developing and offering products and services and by conducting projects in health and welfare through the arts.

Stakeholder Comments

Below we introduce selected comments received from stakeholder dialogues held when redefining the Group CSR Material Issues, announced in April 2016, plus our responses.

Stakeholder Comments
(Stakeholder category)
Our Responses and Focus
Because Japan has the oldest population in the world, I think Japan’s initiatives and know-how can offer solutions to global issues of population aging. (ESG investment expert) We are accumulating knowhow in the nursing care and healthcare businesses in Japan. By putting this knowhow to work in countries and regions experiencing rapid aging of society, we contribute to solutions to global issues.
Like the initiative for speedy payment of insurance claims after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, I would also like to see you respond appropriately to stakeholder expectations in the field of health and welfare. (ESG investment expert) We are promoting dialogue with diverse stakeholders in the health and welfare fields, and collaborative projects between industry and academia. We will further develop and offer products and services and promote joint projects to address social issues that have been identified through dialogue and projects.
The term “welfare” conveys a strong impression of being something that is granted or given, but it is important to promote self-reliance through engagement. (Civil society) We conduct engagement that emphasizes dialogue, in the context of promoting initiatives through foundations and collaborative projects with diverse stakeholders involved in the area of welfare.
It is important to think about opportunities to contribute to qualitative wellbeing and an improved quality of life. (Outside director) While fostering an appreciation of diversity in the arts, we promote projects aiming for qualitative wellbeing and QOL improvements for diverse groups including the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Moving Forward

We will work to develop and provide innovative products that contribute to health and welfare by further utilizing ICT and digital technologies. We will also promote health and productivity among our employees so they can play a crucial role in providing top-quality products and services. Furthermore, to better leverage our expertise in health and welfare for addressing challenges on a global level, we will implement various projects in partnership with civil society organizations and other stakeholders.

Key Initiatives