Stakeholder Engagement (Major Topics in Fiscal 2015)

Japan's Stewardship Code

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management declared their endorsement of the Japan’s Stewardship Code, called the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors, and have disclosed detailed policies on their official websites.
The code calls on institutional investors to enhance the corporate value and support the sustainable growth of investee companies. We engage in dialogue with investee companies based on a clear understanding of the significance and importance of this initiative.

Policy on Japan's Stewardship Code (only in Japanese)

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Civil Societies

In February 2016 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa held a joint forum on private sector-civil society partnership with the Japan NPO Center called "Sustainability Partnership in Action: Five Years of the SAVE JAPAN Project." About 100 people attended the forum which presented the collective impact of the rare species conservation initiatives supported by the SAVE JAPAN Project and discussed the future of cooperation between private sector businesses and civil societies. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa plans to use feedback gained through the forum in continued efforts to address social issues with civil societies.

SAVE JAPAN Project website(only in Japanese)

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