Our response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To meet the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, the entire Sompo Group is working as one to contribute to this industry and society, while playing a useful role in ensuring an affluent life for its customers.
Group CEO message regarding the COVID-19 pandemic (for Group executives and employees)[Topics]




Revision of insurance products that provide compensation for the disease (COVID-19) caused by COVID-19

Based on the spreading effects of COVID-19 pandemic, Sompo Japan revised its insurance products to provide compensation for COVID-19. Objects include various types of products providing compensation for specified infectious diseases (for individual and corporate customers).

Property and Casualty insurance products to support changes in the lives of people affected by the COVID-19

We inform Property and Casualty insurance products that can respond to lifestyle changes due to COVID-19 pandemic.

【Service ended】 Start of free online medical consultation service by doctors (limited period)

The online medical consultation service,“first call” (Mediplat, Inc.) has ended on June 30 as planned.
Thank you for using our service.

Start of “Corporate Response Support Service for COVID-19”

Beginning February 26, Sompo Risk Management launched “Corporate Response Support Service for COVID-19” for companies. Expert consultants provide advisory services, BCP (Business Continuity Plan) consulting services and information collection support services in order to support problem-solving by companies in response to the effects of COVID-19.

Payment of disaster death benefits etc. related to the "COVID-19”

In case of death or cases that fall under designated advanced disability conditions caused by COVID-19, Sompo Himawari Life will pay disaster death benefits, etc. for the object type of insurance, preconditioned on the approval of the related authorities.
(Applicable to grounds for payment occurring on or after February 1, 2020)

Special allowance for healthcare staff

During Japan's state of emergency, Sompo Care will continue business operations, paying a special allowance of \13,000/day to Sompo Care staff who are providing frontline services under difficult conditions at the risk of their own lives (part-timers will receive an additional \375/hour). Sompo Care is working to ensure business operations with a safe, secure system so as to respond to the needs of all users.

Start of online remodeling consultation

FRESHHOUSE is currently providing “Online remodeling consultation” via the customer’s home personal computer or smartphone, while FRESHHOUSE staff check visual images and documents.

STAY HOME support

Online health maintenance program by SOMPO Ball Game Ambassadors

Mr. Keita Suzuki (former member of Japan’s National Football Team) and Ms. Ai Aoki (formerly of Japan’s National Synchronized Swimming Team), who are serving as Ambassadors of the SOMPO Ball Game Festa, held an online video health maintenance program on the official Facebook page.

“SOMPO Dance Project – Encouraging People to Stay in their Homes”

Responding to the effects of the spread of COVID-19, Sompo Japan is helping to solve the problem of lack of exercise among children who are voluntarily avoiding going outside, and to encourage people to “Stay Home” by using “Dance to Make you Run Faster,” a program developed jointly by the Nippon Street Dance Studio Association (NSSA) and Nagoya Gakuin University.

At-Home Art Project “Van Gogh ‘Sunflowers’ Coloring Page”

Sompo Japan is providing a coloring page of Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” that people of all ages can enjoy at home, beginning children. You are also invited to share your finished art work on our official Instagram page.

Start of “Sompo Care Smile Exercise” program

Sompo Care is making its original “Sompo Care Smile Exercise” program available on the internet. Under the supervision of employees with specialized knowledge of nursing care prevention, this program of physical exercises can be performed simply indoors, and is designed to prevent the need for nursing care of older persons, and to encourage people to avoid lack of exercise due to working at home.

Start of “STAY REFORM” for pleasant “at-home” living and work

As the home “reform” (remodeling and renovation) company in the Sompo Group, FRESHHOUSE has launched a “STAY REFORM” home remodeling plan aimed at creating a pleasant workplace in the customer’s own home. In addition to affordable work space remodeling plans, FRESHHOUSE proposals specifically meet coronavirus-related needs, such as touch-less products that can be operated without touching, delivery boxes for receiving packages without contact with the delivery person, etc.

Useful Information

Providing useful information: For Security, Health and Wellbeing

Here you can find useful information, such as interviews with experts, on the theme of "nursing" and "daily troubles" after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Useful information about automobiles for period of self-restraint on going out

For those with fewer chances to go out and persons who have started to commute to work by car, SAISON AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE began providing useful information on "Otona no Jidosha Hoken" via Twitter and Facebook from Friday, April 24.
To provide automobile-related information that users want to know in these times, we are also picking up items that resonate with customers by articles in “Tell me about Otona no Jidosha Hoken” (original content by SAISON AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE), including auto maintenance methods that customers can use at home and how to drive in bad weather for inexperienced drivers.

Supply of information by “Sompo Japan RM Report”

With the spread of coronavirus infections, Sompo Risk Management supplies timely information which is useful for companies whenever appropriate, addressing topics such as “Why are public relations efforts necessary when an employee is infected?” and “Management issues for corporate managers.”

Supply of handbook, “Least Things You should know – Information Security Risks in Telework and Their Countermeasures – “

Sompo Risk Management has prepared a handbook summarizing countermeasures for information security-related risk, which has become a major issue for companies accompanying the rapid introduction of telework and at-home work in response to COVID-19. We believe that this information will be useful in ensuring smooth business continuity.

Coronavirus-related information

Provision of useful information related to COVID-19, such as “10 Key Points for Reducing Contact with Other People by 80%” and “Q&A about School Reopening,” etc. via the health-related curation site “Linkx siru.”

Publication of COVID-19 countermeasures “Manual on Correct Handwashing” and “Lively Healthy Life”

An easy-to-understand commentary, including photographs, on the correct method of handwashing, which is effective for preventing infections. Also introduces other topics that can be practiced at home, such as “Diet,” “Oral Health Care (Rehabilitation)” and “Exercise,” in order to maintain a healthy life.

Publication of "Sompo Care Simple & Smile Recipes" for supporting the strength of immune system in the elderly

Sompo Care has prepared a cookbook entitled “Sompo Care Simple & Smile Recipes”,edited by a Registered Dietician.
Recipes include the nutrients necessary to improve immunity, and simple but stylish nutrition-packed menus such as “Rice cooked with enoki mushrooms and tuna” and “Baked cheese with shiitake mushrooms, green onions and miso.”

Supply of useful information including at-home self-care measures for COVID-19

In response to the effects of COVID-19, Sompo Health Support is providing useful information related to mental health care, such as “Viewpoints on remote line care” for at-home managers supervising workers in their care and “’Countermeasures for ‘corona fatigue’ – At-home self-care.” Please use this information to create a mind and body that can’t be defeated by COVID-19.

Easy DIY at home! How to make a sneeze guard against the COVID-19 virus

FRESHHOUSE is introducing how to make a sneeze guard designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by using simple DIY (do-it-yourself) techniques on YouTube.
Anyone can easily make the one using wood, acrylic boards, etc. available at home centers and 100 yen shops.

Actions of Our Group Companies

General COVID-19 web page and Risk Control updates

  • Sompo International has created a general COVID-19 web page on our public website that shares the following information:
    - Important third-party resources
    - Risk control offerings
    - Insurance claims contacts
    - Policyholder notices (as required by US states)
  • Our Risk Control updates were created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Communications were sent out to our clients and brokers via e-mail and shared on our COVID-19 web page and LinkedIn page. Subjects included BCP, Supply Chain Risks, Business Planning for Epidemics and Pandemics, Remote Workers Best Practices and so on.

Monthly Motor Insurance

Sompo Sigorta has prepared a monthly-payment motor insurance program to support customers who use their vehicles less because of COVID-19's negative economic impact. Monthly insurance provides complete security against theft, double-sided collision, and fire lost. Additionally, product service is provided to customers without any restrictions.

Motor Insurance: New app and payment by up to 12 interest-free instalments.
Heath Insurance: Extended services

  • Sompo Seguros provides an app to check a car to be insured by photos before purchasing motor insurance. Besides that, the company has eased policy payments made by credit card, offering up to 12 interest-free instalments.
  • The full cost of COVID-19 testing is covered by its health insurance. Customers may apply for reimbursement of expenses for medical examinations, tests, therapies and hospitalizations with its app. They can also access its Medical Advice Service, provided by professionals, to answer questions about coronavirus prevention and contagion. This service is available toll free. During social distancing, scanned contracts sent by e-mail are also acceptable.

Installment Payment Plan (IPP)

To help ease the financial strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sompo Singapore offers Installment Payment Plan (IPP) for new personal lines and a Spectra (SME insurance package) policy purchase or renewal of such policy with us. This is to ensure our customer’s insurance protection remains uninterrupted during this difficult period.
6- or 12-month installment payments using DBS & POSB Master/Visa credit card for premiums of S$500 or more. Commercial customers can apply to make instalment payment of premiums for accounts of S$20,000 or more, applicable to new contracts and renewals.

COVID-19 Symptom Assessment & Screener and #StayAtHome Colouring Contest

  • Berjaya Sompo has released COVID-19 Symptom Assessment & Screener to help people to understand COVID-19 symptoms and how they should be managed.
  • On April 14th, “#StayAtHome Colouring Contest” was launched as a way to ease anxiety, stress and boredom during the Movement Control Order (MCO) issued due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We would like to help minimize the impact by encouraging creativity through colouring, which has a wide range of benefits in calming the mind.

Online claims for motor and health insurance

Sompo Indonesia has enabled online claims. For motor insurance claim, fast-track claim processing is possible using photo and video sent by WhatsApp. For health insurance claim, it is possible to claim online using a mobile app during the current COVID-19 situation.

Hotline and Advice by Sompony through Facebook

  • Gievn an enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, PGA SOMPO has set up a special hotline to ensure that customers can continue to receive services with peace of mind.
  • Sompony, which is Sompo's regional mascot in Asia, provides information through Facebook such as advice on how to spend time at home.

Stay Fit and Healthy with AYA SOMPO

Since April 15, AYA SOMPO has been running a campaign in collaboration with The Chloe Condition providing the best workout routine that people can do at home and presents 2 posts per week on AYA SOMPO’s official Facebook.


Live online seminar (Webinar) and Various RM services

  • Since April, Sompo China and Sompo Holdings (Asia) have been providing a live online seminar (Webinar) for customers.
  • We have provided various services such as an online course about COVID-19 through Sompo Online Services (SOS), online disaster prevention diagnosis by risk engineers, and a daily risk management report (Flash News). Even in situations where it is difficult to conduct on-site inspections or meet customers, we provide timely information and advice to support customer safety measures and crisis management.